4 Big Advantages of Vehicle Dash Cams


Dash cameras have been popular vehicle accessories around the world for some time now. From the former Soviet Union and Europe to Asia and the Middle East, drivers have embraced these gadgets in a big way.

The market for dash cams in the United States and the rest of North America has also been strong, with parents installing them for their teen drivers and older drivers using them to document the actions of other drivers. If you have not yet joined the dash cam revolution, you might want to head out and get one today. When you do, you can enjoy these four big advantages.

Teen Training

Whether your child gets their license at age 16 or waits until a year or two later, driving will still be a brand new activity. A few months of behind-the-wheel training is no substitute for years of experience, but a dash cam can augment that training and help teens stay safer.

Parents can make installing a dash cam a condition of driving. They can review the footage from the dash cam video and call their teen drivers on any unsafe activities. Most importantly, parents and new drivers can review the dash cam footage together, with the more experienced drivers pointing out rookie mistakes and making recommendations for improvement.

Road Rage Documentation and Protection

In our busy and increasingly uncivil world, road rage is a growing problem. That camera on your dashboard may not protect you from an irate driver, but knowing they are on camera could cause an aggressive driver to back off or help defuse the confrontation.

If you do become the victim of a road rage incident, the footage on your dash cam will be invaluable to the police. Depending on the angle, the dash cam could capture the license plate of the other driver, as well as the license plates of other drivers who may have witnessed the incident. That can help the police verify what happened, and it could prove valuable in identifying and locating a road rager who may have fled the scene after the confrontation.

Better Driving

It is not just teenagers who need further instruction. Adults can benefit from behind-the-wheel training of their own, and a dash cam can make those lessons easier. If you experienced a close call on your last trip to the supermarket, you might want to roll back the dash cam video and see what happened.

Was the other driver wholly at fault, or were you distracted by your devices? Are there things you could have done to avoid the situation? Was your parking spot-on, or was your vehicle over the line? You can learn a lot just by watching the dash cam video.

Accident Information

If that close call turns into the real thing, the footage on your dash cam could prove invaluable to your insurance company – and the police. Documenting accident scenes has long been a big advantage of dash cams, and that benefit is more important than ever.

You can play back your dash cam footage at the scene to support your side of the story, either at the scene or later on. The footage could show who was at fault, as well as the prevailing weather conditions at the time of the crash.

If you have been thinking about getting a dash cam but keep putting it off, you might want to head out and get one today. Dash cams are increasingly affordable, easy to install and endlessly useful. Whether you drive a compact car, a big SUV or a hot new sports car, having a dash cam on your vehicle can provide a new level of protection and peace of mind.