Top 10 Most Reliable Car Brands List 2015


Buying a car is a long term investment and you would want to go with a name you can trust. Do you have a handy car brands list for a quick decision? There are several car brand names in the market right now, but who is dependable and worth your loyalty? It takes years for a company to establish its brand name, and seconds to crush it. Let’s see which brands have stood the test of time.

Most Reliable Car Brands List for 2015

After a thorough research, we came up with the top 10 car brands list that does well on the reliability quotient.

1. Lexus

This luxury division of the Japanese brand Toyota tops the list. It all began as a small corporate project in 1983, but the first car that was officially launched was Lexus LS in 1989. Since then, there has been no looking back. It has only risen in ranks and status. Sedan, SUV, convertible, and coupe, Lexus excels in all major formats of the premium segment. With 24 variants available for 2016, the brand has come a long way since its launch. When they sensed that they might be losing on the market, Lexus came up with their latest RC F model, which has a trendy and sporty look. Nevertheless, all the cars of this company have passed the reliability and road tests with flying colors. It bagged the number one position in 2015, and holds a prominent position as one of the best car brands in the world.

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2. Mazda

The second place in this list is also taken up by a Japanese automaker, and it is none other than Mazda. Before being what they are, Mazda was into machine tools, autorickshaws, and even weapons during the Second World War. That was before they established themselves in the world of automobiles in 1984. They did come up with two cars – Mazda R360 in 1960 and Mazda Carol in 1962, but it was only in 1984 that they formally adopted the brand name. Also in a strategic partnership with Ford, Mazda still continues to be better than its partner. In the USA, Mazda is known for its fun-rides. The stylish designs and strong performance attracts consumers to this Japanese product. And above all is the fact that the sporty looking cars of Mazda are very dependable and come close to Lexus in their reliability scores.

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3. Toyota

Unbelievable as it sounds, Toyota takes the third place in this list. While Lexus is already topping the reliability charts, its mother brand is not far behind. The first ever passenger car by Toyota was made in 1936, and has come a long way since then. From Toyoda to Toyota, the brand underwent many changes to be what it is today. From the very beginning, Toyota has focused on building strong, reliable, solid, and comfortable cars. This combination has been welcomed with open arms by the consumer market and continues to be so.

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4. Audi

The Japanese monopoly is broken by Audi that takes the fourth most reliable car brand position. This German automaker is known for its classy and luxury vehicles. The company name comes from the surname of its founder – August Horch. Horch basically means ‘listen’ in the German language, which when translated to Latin gives us the name of the brand – Audi. Innovative from scratch! Now associated with the Volkswagen Group, Audi has become the top selling brand in luxury segment all over the world. Hatchbacks, sedans, convertible, coupe, SUV, compact SUV, sportback, avant – Audi has explored all types and excels in each of them. From its performance to luxurious interiors, Audi has been loved by consumers from all over the world.

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5. Subaru

The Japanese are back again to invade the car brands list of the most reliable cars. Subaru came to USA in 1968 in Philadelphia when it was brought by Harvey Lamm and Malcolm Bricklin. The secret behind Subaru’s success is that they use boxer engine layouts in their vehicles with engine above 1500cc. Except their car BRZ, all other have the boxer engines in them along with an all-wheel drive system. There are 6 cars by Subaru currently in the market and all of them are doing well. The loyal fan base of this brand swears by the rugged and safety features of the cars.

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6. Porsche

How can a brand specializing in high-performance vehicles not make it to this list? This German automobile manufacturer is also owned by the Volkswagen Group, and produces the best SUVs, sedans, and sports cars. A Canadian study revealed recently that almost 98% of Porsche cars from the last 25 years are still good on the road. What else can speak about its reliability? Cayman and Boxster are the most reliable cars by this German company. The other four cars – 911, Panamera, Cayenne, and Macan, are no less when it comes to trustworthiness.

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7. Buick

Finally an American company enters the prestigious car brands list for reliability. A brand of General Motors, Buick is known for its luxury vehicles. It is an epitome of great design and style. The on-road cars of the company are Encore – a mini crossover, Verano – compact sedan, Cascada – compact convertible, Regal – mid-size sports sedan, LaCrosse – sedan, Envision – mid-size crossover, and the Enclave – crossover.

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8. Honda

Without any doubt, Honda is a name that comes to the mind when asked about the list of car companies that qualify as reliable or dependable. A choice of many consumers, this brand is high on other important aspects like re-sale value, fuel economy, and maintenance. With record sales of 1,586,551 units in 2015, it became the eighth-largest automobile manufacturing company in the world. Cars like Civic, City, Accord and Jazz have made a great impact on car buyers for their reliability and thus it stands justified at number 8 in this list.

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9. Kia

Kia is a Korean car manufacturing company, which is partially owned by Hyundai (only 33%). When it started its sales in America, Kia was looked down as a brand selling cheap and not-so-attractive cars. But a lot has changed since then. Now, Kia is coming up with mind-blowing designs for convenience cars that are easily mistaken as luxury vehicles. Even then, Kia costs less than other car brands of the same segment.

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10. BMW

BMW or Bavarian Motor Works is one of the most established car brands in the world. Founded in 1916, this German brand started off as making engines for aircrafts before it introduced itself in the automobile world. The powerful cars of BMW are safe, comfortable and most definitely dependable.

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Now that you have the reliable car brands list handy, you can pick your next one from all car brands mentioned above. Once you are decided on the type of car you want to go for, it will be easier for you to filter the choices. Of course, reliability cannot be looked at in isolation. You will have to look at the fuel efficiency, exterior, interior and other performance parameters to make the final decision.