Worldwide Top 10 Best Cars of 2015


Hey dear car lovers, we are bringing forth a delightful list of 10 best cars that rocked the year 2015 and entertained many a drivers with their chic design, speed and class. The car market circa 2015 and the present year too is flooded with hundreds of car models, some sedans, some SUVs, and some A class luxury models, all of which will bedazzle the ever so crazy car lovers that are always in search of such models that offer a high adrenaline rush and offer bolt of an experience on the road. The post today has been written so as to help you to identity which car has the charisma and qualities to be addressed as the best in this lot. So, without wasting any more valuable time, lets’s head fast and see whats in store for you all!

1. BMW M235i

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BMW M235i

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The BMW M235i comes first in this list of 10 best cars of 2015 because it is just too suave for anyone’s tastes! Its a smart throwback model that can give competition to most of its contemporaries in terms of style, built, and functions. Most would fall in love with its smooth maneuverability and excellent ride when it hits the roads. Among top cars of the past year, this model stands a class part. Most rate this as BMW’s very best till date as it boasts of excellent performance, and is also quite cost effective, given its a BMW model. With adjustable rear wheel drive features and six cylinder engine, it is a tough horse on the roads. Top cars like this ruled 2015.


2015 Best Cars

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The car definitely has to feature at number second in the list of 2015 best cars that we have showcased today as its a high performance model with sleek body and spacious interiors. Equipped with dual-clutch automatic- S tronic that is seven speed, effective launch control, and an rpm of 4500, the model races fast at 126 mph at just 11.4 seconds. It has garnered quite a reputation in the market and looks extremely attractive. When thinking about 10 best cars that created quite a buzz in the market, you cannot ignore AUDI R8 V10 S TRONIC.

3. Cadillac CTS

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Cadillac CTS

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Have you ever dreamed of owning a car that could put all the BMW’s, the Audi’s and Mercedes to shame? Well, your dreams can now turn into reality when you put your hands around the wheels of the very suave and stylish Cadillac CTS, counted among the top cars of 2015. Yes, this model, with its attractive built is equipped with a durable and big wheelbase,a twin engine that’s turbo charged, a sturdy body, large track dimension, is a medium built third generation model marketed by Cadillac. It was also named the car of the year for 2014. A light weight, Cadillac CTS can become a fast racer with a praiseworthy ability to halt or stop anytime without causing damage to the driver. If you are looking for best cars in the world, this model is the one that should catch your fancy.

4. Land Rover Range Rover

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Land Rover Range Rover

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Coming at number 4th position in this list of top 10 cars in the world for 2015 is the four wheel drive SUV by Land Rover. The Land Rover Range Rover is owned and manufactured by Tata Motors and offers a world class drive to its drivers. Its best suited for long distance travel as its equipped with seats that massage its rider as well as the pillion driver. With a spacious interior, this model surely is one of the 10 best cars worldwide.


Best Cars In The World

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A speed machine that will give a high to all adrenaline junkies, the BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT SPEED comes at number 5th position in this list mentioning the 10 best cars in 2015.Equipped with twin turbo W-12 engine having 7 horsepower capacity that makes it possible for drivers to ride it at 206 mph, this model boasts of a classy interior marked with red leather upholstery and cool fittings. It definitely has to be featured in the list of top cars.

6. Mazda6

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A great performer on the road, the Mazda6 features at number 6 today that’s showing the 2015 best cars. Termed curvaceous by experts, this model is equipped with a sleek outer body build and dashboard that has been redesigned keeping the needs of new age drivers. Included in 2015 best cars list, it also comes with 7 inch infotainment system that is pretty easy to operate and a user friendly cruise control that makes driving it safe. It looks very handsome and sporty. It comes in the range of mid size sedans and is counted as one of the best in 10 best cars list today.

7. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

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Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

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What would a 10 best cars list be if we didn’t include the 460 horsepower driven Chevrolet Corvette Stingray? Well, this model will surprise you with its breathtaking interiors and smooth features like brakes and steering wheel. Its so efficient on the road that it has gained a highway rating from EPA. Other additional features included in this seventh generation Corvette are sure to make you drool. These include comfy seats, video features and a performance Data Recorder. The cockpit too is stylish. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is one of the best cars in the world today.

8. Honda Accord

Top 10 Cars In The World
Honda Accord

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Honda Accord is featuring at number 8th in the list of 10 best cars as its one of the highest salable models around the world. Its a fuel efficient car and is spacious enough for undertaking long distance travel. Its a family friendly car with a smooth suspension and stylish interiors. A must in today’s gallery of top cars!

9. Tesla Model S 60

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Tesla Model S 60

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With a huge battery capacity, smooth handling, an appropriate weight, and better suspension, the Tesla Model S 60 features at number 9 in top 10 cars in the world list. The weight distribution is so even that it seems as if you are riding a weightless machine. Its best for traveling long distances and is definitely one of the coolest of 10 best cars of 2015.

10. Volkswagen Golf

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Volkswagen Golf

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At number 10th in 10 best cars list comes the stylish Volkswagen Golf, a model that runs at 170 horsepower, and is available in two models, namely-TSI and TDI. The 7th generation Golf has gained accolades for the ninth time in a row. Its user friendly as well as affordable for families. It surely sees itself placed rightly in today’s list of 2015 best cars as its one of the fastest.

Choose the best car model that suits your style, personality, budget. We hope that all your queries must have been satisfied with this post of 10 best cars for 2015.