Take an Automotive Factory Tour to Watch How Cars Are Made


Many people find touring a vehicle manufacturing plant to be a fascinating experience. Everyone has the chance to see firsthand how cars are made when they tour an automotive factories. You can go to a plant where vehicles like the one you own are built, or simply choose the closest location.

Touring Automotive Factories

Cars being built at the Morgan Car Factory

Schedule participation in a group tour ahead of time using handy features on vehicle manufacturer websites. These tours are very affordable and can be fun as a family project, but be sure to check for age restrictions. Some factories don’t allow youngsters under six years old, for example, and some only allow visitors 12 years and older.

You may see assembly of a variety of components. The tour may include viewing the drive shaft, suspension and other components being added to the chassis, and the auto body attached to the chassis. You’ll learn how robots and human workers team up to put vehicles together. You might view workers installing interior components and others painting the vehicles. You may even view the thrilling sight of brand new cars rolling off the assembly line for their final audit before they are sent to a showroom.

Seeing Your Dream Vehicle Constructed

Tesla Factory robots working on car

There may be a car that you dream of owning one day, but for now, that purchase has to wait. In the meantime, you can test drive these vehicles at your area dealerships and think about the color and features you’ll select. You also may be able to tour a factory that builds these vehicles and watch them being assembled.

In fact, if you order a certain customized model of car, you may even be able to watch that very car being manufactured. Chevrolet, for instance, offers customers the chance to see their very own Corvette being built in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Of course, you can also participate in a public tour there, if you’re just interested in seeing how these high-end vehicles are put together.

Concluding Thoughts

It might be a Ford Mustang or F150, a Nissan Maxima or Leaf, a Toyota Camry or a Mercedes Benz SUV. All these models, even those from foreign manufacturers, are built in factories that schedule group tours. And that’s just a handful of the cars, pickup trucks, and sport utlity vehicles you can see being assembled. Use your favorite search engine to find tours offered by various vehicle factories and start making plans for this educational and entertaining experience.