Top 10 Most Popular Superbikes in India


India is a country which offers a wide variety of roads to its buyers. You can easily find a big pot hole open on a road and simultaneously a road plain, smooth perfect for a night drift. Thus buyers don’t need to think twice before splurging on the bevy of beauties which not only are an eyeful but also comes with robust engine base. The markets of popular superbikes are slowly gaining momentum after getting a mammoth amount of responses from prospective takers. The basic feature of superbikes which sets it apart from others is its extreme acceleration leading to fast pick up and highly powerful engine. We will present a list of ten most popular superbikes which are vying the Indian bike market for your attention.

1. Ducati 1299 Panigale S

Popular Superbikes
Ducati 1299 Panigale S

Image Credit: Ducati

If you are on the lookout for a superbly high powered bike then your search will surely come to a halt once you come across Ducati 1299 Panigale S coming from the house of Italian manufacturers. Although this bike priced at a whopping INR 35,44,000 ex-showroom New Delhi does burn a hole in our pocket but with it’s bountiful of features it has proper justification to do the same. The 1285cc superquadro engine churns out 145 Nm of remarkable torque and 205 hp will surely pump up the adrenaline level of fast paced riders who have a constant need for speed. Built on the Bosch Inertial Platform, the 1299 Panigale S gets a full score in the control department and ensures a safe and smooth ride. With disc type brakes, it becomes easy to halt the bike even while riding at top speeds.

2. Kawasaki Ninja H2

Popular Superbikes
Kawasaki Ninja H2

Image Credit: Kawasaki

Kawasaki has clung onto its position for being one of the top bike manufacturers of captivatingly stylish superbikes running on beastly powerful engines. And with the latest addition to the Kawasaki family in the form of Ninja H2, Kawasaki has made it even more grueling for its competitors to survive in the market. With a built in 998cc Liquid cooled four stroke engine priced at a colossal 33 lakh INR ex-showroom Delhi NCR. The Ninja H2 has a topmost torque of 133.5 Nm and 207 bhp power.

3. Honda CBR Fireblade

Popular Superbikes
Honda CBR Fireblade

Image Credit: Carbase

CBR has remained to be the queen of hearts for several decades and the CBR Fireblade is the new kid on the block which was manufactured to carry forward the CBR legacy. This 999 CC beast is equipped with a selectable engine brake, selectable torque control, optional Quickshifter, ABS brakes, power selector, riding mode selection medium and fully adjustable suspension. With a price tag of 15.9 lac ex-showroom, this bike can churn out a topmost torque of 112 Nm and 175 hp.

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4. Yamaha YZF – R1 Sports

Popular Superbikes
Yamaha YZF – R1 Sports

Image Credit: Pinterest

This Japanese baby can surely be advertised as one of the best-looking bikes burning the Indian roads with a mammoth torque of 112.4 Nm at 11,500 rpm and topmost power of 197 bhp at 13,500 rpm. Priced at INR 22,34,300 Ex-Showroom New Delhi, this bike was launched to mark the 60th anniversary of Yamaha. Fueled by a forward inline 4-cylinder 998 cc engine which gives a mileage of 15 kmpl and the top speed of 285 kmph, this next-gen superbike with a long swing arm and magnesium rear frame is a tough contender in the numero uno league of superbikes.

5. Suzuki Hayabusa 1300

Popular Superbikes
Suzuki Hayabusa 1300

Image Credit: Autoscraze

Propelled by a 1340 cc four stroke engine and four cylinder motor siphoning 155 Nm torque at 7200 rpm and 197 bhp power at 9500 rpm, the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 is riding high on its widespread customer acceptance. Equipped with a six-speed steady mesh gearbox which can pump up a top speed of 299 kmph, this bike can be attained at a price of INR 15,22,007 Ex-Showroom Delhi NCR.

6. BMW S1000 RR

Popular Superbikes
BMW S1000 RR

Image Credit: Totalmotorcycle

In a market flooded with Italian and Japanese automakers, the BMW S1000 RR is the torchbearer of Germany. However, due to its unique styling and compelling functionality, this superbike has garnered a stupendous market response. The 999 cc engine can churn out the ultimate torque of 113 Nm and power of 193 bhp. Keeping up with its brand image this superbike provides butter smooth gear shifting through the usage of straight toothed wheels, analog tachometer, digital fuel gauge, trip meter and speedometer at a price of INR 27,55,446 INR Ex-Showroom.

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7. MV Agusta F4

Popular Superbikes
MV Agusta F4

Image Credit: Mvagusta

Another masterpiece coming straight out of Italian manufacturers, the MV Agusta F4 has been the hottest talk of the town due to its thoroughbred excellence, unmatched engineering solutions which ensure both hair-raising performance and sublime bike control. Driven by a 4-cylinder 998 cc engine the MV Augusta can churn out utmost torque of 110.8 Nm and power of 192.4 hp. Vrooming at a topmost speed of 298kmph this superbike comes in Black Carbon/ Avio Grey and Metal Black carbon/ White Ice Pearl color arrays. Outfitted with 4 engine maps, TSS, 8-mode traction control, RLM Wheel, ABS this sublime beauty can surely be your neighbors envy at INR 25.5 lakhs Ex-showroom New Delhi

8. Aprilia RSV4

Popular Superbikes
Aprilia RSV4

Image Credit: Rideapart

Since decades, Aprilia coming from the house of Italian auto manufacturers have kept the critics mouth shut and admirers mouth open in awe. With 5 world titles in the span of just 4 years since its birth, this particular superbike is made of stuff which we can only dream of. With a 999.6 CC powerhouse engine, the Aprilia priced at INR 20,99,000 ex-showroom has a topmost torque of 115 Nm and engine output of 201 hp.

9. Suzuki GSX R1000

Popular Superbikes
Suzuki GSX R1000

Image Credit: Sportrider

The Suzuki GSX R1000 is one hell of a combination of accurate handling and stupendous power. Furnished with a high powered engine with a capacity of 999 cc and power figures of 110 Nm and 160 hp torque this superbike is gaining widespread acclaim amongst the petrolhead community. Priced at INR 16, 00,000 Ex-showroom the bike stands out for its definitive front styling which comes with a pointed headlamp impressively mounted in between the air ventricles. Equipped with 6 manual gears, selectable power output, traction control and anti-lock braking system (ABS) this bike takes only a few seconds to reach a speed of 100km/hr from the standstill.

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10. Suzuki GSX S1000F

Popular Superbikes
Suzuki GSX S1000F

Image Credit: Motorcyclist Online

Suzuki brings the racetrack wonder to common roads with the uber cool GSX S1000F model. Although the same has been branded as an entry level superbike the 999 cc engine tosses up the topmost torque of 105.75 Nm and 145 hp of maximal power yield. This street bike packed with some serious powerhouses in its chassis in the form of antilock brake system, Brembo brakes, and its avant-garde traction control system will surely turn heads wherever it goes. Priced at 1,270,000 INR Ex-Showroom Mumbai, the GSX S1000F can reach three digit speeds with just one twist of the throttle.

These are the topmost popular superbikes plying on the Indian roads. For buying them you don’t only need to be rich, you need to be just crazy about motorcycles. The constant love which people are showering on them is urging the developers to go an extra mile and come up with newer designs and contemporary technologies. Just hope this love affair continues for a significant period of time.