Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Cars 0f 2016


Sports cars were created to ease off the hunger of individuals whose only supplement was speed, acceleration and high adrenaline rush. Over the time this ‘need for speed’ recipe got a hint of money and that too in a proportion that was far beyond imagination. These overly expensive sports cars are only good to look at as they are far beyond normal man’s driving skills and pay scale. Even the richest of the lot think twice before pouring in this much of money in a car that cannot even fit in their entire family.

Down under is a list of sports cars that are considered as the most expensive ones in the lot. We are very much sure that after going through the following list one will beg for a surname like Ambani, Tata, Birla or Mittal.

1. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita @ $4.8 million

Expensive sports cars
Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Image Credit: Wallpapercave

Topping the list of sports cars that cost no less than a fortune is Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. Wondering, what on earth makes this new exotic car far so unachievable? Well, the credit goes to its carbon fibre coating that gets its bling from diamond dust.

Engine – 4.8 liter V8 dual-supercharger
Power – 1018 PS
Torque – 1081 Nm

2. Lamborghini Veneno @ $4.5 million

Expensive sports cars
Lamborghini Veneno

Image Credit: Lamborghini

In the list of most expensive sports cars, Lamborghini Veneno is the one with the deadliest body shell. Also, it won’t be shocking at all if one confuses it with an alien spaceship. Created to mark company’s 50 years of existence in the auto industry, Veneno would sure be remembered for long.

Engine – 6.5 liter V-12 60-degree
Power – 750 PS
Torque – 687 Nm

3. W Motors Lykan Hypersport @ $3.4 million

Expensive sports cars
W Motors Lykan Hypersport

Image Credit: Wikipedia

One who has seen Furious 7 can surely recognize Hypersport, as it was the same red cum orange car that crashed three skyscrapers. Restricted to only seven units, one of these new exotic cars is owned by Dubai police. Hypersport seems to be created with aggression in mind, especially after seeing its scissor doors, edgy hood and futuristic interior.

Engine – 3.7 liter flat six twin turbo
Power – 781 PS
Torque – 960 Nm

4. Limited Edition Bugatti Veyron By Mansory Vivere @ $3.4 million

Expensive sports cars
Limited Edition Bugatti Veyron By Mansory Vivere

Image Credit: Mansory

There is no list of sports cars 2016 that would be wrapped up without mentioning Bugatti Veyron or any of its advanced versions. The limited edition Veyron by Mansory Vivere is the next to feature in the list. Its exterior is as appealing as its performance figure, especially with new front grille, larger side scoops and shiny rims.

Engine – 8.0 liter W16
Power – 1217 PS
Torque – 1500 Nm

5. Pagani Huayra BC @ $2.6 million

New Exotic Cars
Pagani Huayra BC

Image Credit: Topgear

Pagani is an active builder and contributor to the long array of new exotic cars. It was only recently that it came up with Huayra, the car that completed fastest ever Top Gear lap. Few months back at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Pagani introduced its BC version. This one like the former satisfies every speed urge thanks to its 2,654 lbs of minimal body weight.

Engine – V12 6.0 liter
Power – 760 PS
Torque – 1001 Nm

6. Ferrari F60 America @ $2.5 million

New Exotic Cars
Ferrari F60 America

Image Credit: Autoblog

As can be guessed from the name F60 America was designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 60th anniversary in the U.S market. Well, the country specific celebration is not only restricted to its name but further extends to its appearance. Starting from its exterior it gets star designed rims, and strips running down on its bonnet. Inside it showcases flag design imprints on the seats, just to assure that it rightfully reflects the long and sturdy success in the market. Further making it special is its production number that is limited to only ten units.

Engine – 6.3 liter V12
Power – 740 PS
Torque – 690 Nm

7. Bugatti Chiron @ $2.5 million

New Exotic Cars
Bugatti Chiron

Image Credit: Bugatti

Here’s another most expensive sports car from the house of Bugatti, the Chiron. The said car though may not be the fastest one in the lot but it surely has an aura like none. Be it the four-crystal studded headlamps or the side cabin like structure, Chiron design philosophy is unique and captivating in itself. The same goes for its interior that speak out loud for its own glory and classic entity, which it indeed is.

Engine – 8.0 liter W16
Power – 1521 PS
Torque – 1600 Nm

8. Koenigsegg One: 1 @ $2 million

New Exotic Cars
Koenigsegg One: 1

Image Credit: Topgear

Time to meet the 6 units restricted sports car that comes along with a whopping price tag of $2 million. In the compilation of new exotic cars this one from Koenigsegg will leave many behind. Not only the car is crafted with utter precision but it also delivers a stunning performance. Based on the Agera R, what makes it even more special is its 1:1 kilogram to horsepower ratio (1,340 on each side). The same concept is behind its unique and one of a kind moniker.

Engine – 5.0 liter V8 4 valve per cylinder
Power – 1359 PS
Torque – 1371 Nm

9. Koenigsegg Regera @ $2 million

New Exotic Cars
Koenigsegg Regera

Image Credit: Koenigsegg

Now, in the super expensive list of sports cars here’s a hybrid one manufactured by none other than Koenigsegg. The company itself considers Regera different from its other creations and treat this one as a luxury Megacar. What makes it so unique are its attributes like outrageous speed, highly comfortable cabin, all along with a Direct Drive experience.In addition, the machine has been kept as light as possible by making the traditional gearbox left behind.

Engine – 5.0 liter V8 twin turbo with 4.5 kWh Battery
Power – 1521 PS
Torque – 2000 Nm

10. Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 @ $1.9 million

Most Expensive Sports Cars
Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4

Image Credit: Motorauthority

Last one to feature in the list of most expensive sports cars is Lamborghini Centenario. Now, the car is unique in many ways, starting from its name to its design. First, the name Centenario reflects the Ferruccio Lamborghini 100th birth anniversary and car is a tribute to the master. Secondly, the makers have created a car that looks like the posters auto junkies have on their wall, unrealistic, out of this world creations. Lamborghini claims that the car is twice as aerodynamic as Aventador and supporting this fact are its bumper fins and rear hunches.

Engine – 6.5 liter V12
Power – 781 PS
Torque – 934 Nm

These are some of the most expensive, jaw-dropping wheels on road which take a fortune to have them in your garage.