10 Best Selling Cars Brands in the U.S.A 2015


Best selling cars posts have always interested readers and are one of the most awaited list of the year. The reason for its high demand we feel is its precious information nature and instant usability. Thus, from ordinary people to top rated auto-junkies the said list can be found resting on reading desk of all.

But some people may question the need of pouring so much efforts in creating large statistical data and presenting it at the end of every year. The following pointers will rightly explain the usefulness and application of best selling cars in the USA record –

1. Prospective car buyers can consult the said list of best selling cars before making a buying decision. You never know to find one falling in your budget and satisfying all your requirements.

2. Top 10 best selling cars data soon after its release is on the fingertips of auto-enthusiasts. It’s a good source of enriching their car knowledge.

3. Car brands featuring in the list gets a good marketing for their on-going and soon to be launched cars.

4. Lastly, the brands that miss to claim a spot in the best selling cars list, get a reality check. They can create future goals concerning to the units they would aim sell in the upcoming year.

Now, it’s time to see the top 10 best selling car brands that made it to the prime in 2015 –

1. Toyota

Best selling cars

Image Credit: Pinthiscars

Toyota, the biggest Japanese automaker made it to the top of the said list. And its dominance over other brands comes as no surprise, as the brand contributes as many as three cars in the best-selling cars list. To the list of its best sellers are included cars like Toyota Corolla, Camry and Rav4. Also, brands like Lexus and Scion that form an important part of Toyota Group showcased a decent performance.

Numeric display of Toyota’s noteworthy performance –

First-half sales – 537,502 units
Second-half sales – 516,893 units
Total units sold in 2015 – 1,054,395 units

2. Nissan

Best selling cars

Image Credit: Pinthiscars

Sitting bold and strong on the second position is world’s sixth largest automaker, Nissan. Since 1999 the brand has been working in close alliance with the French automaker Renault. The later holds 43.4% voting rights in Nissan. As for the latest happening under Nissan’s roof the brand has confirmed next-generation Leaf that is now said having a range of 200 miles. Seems like someone is working hard to maintain its position.

Numeric display of Nissan’s previous year massive sales –

First-half sales – 389,406 units
Second-half sales – 386,217 units
Total units sold in 2015 – 775, 623 units

3. Chevrolet

Best selling cars 2015

Image Credit: Johnywheels

At last an American entry in the list that until now was dominated by the Japanese. Chevrolet that is commonly referred to as Chevy, an integral part of American manufacturer General Motors. The same auto group that also commands big brands like Cadillac and Buick. One car that has contributed big time in listing Chevrolet on the no.3 position is Chevrolet Silverado. The car enlisted on the ninth slot in best selling cars in the USA list.

Numeric display of Chevrolet USA sales performance –

First-half sales – 407,773 units
Second-half sales – 359,100 units
Total units sold in 2015 – 766,873 units

4. Ford

Best selling cars 2015
Ford Insignia

Image Credit: Theautochannel

Resting on the number four position is another American brand that has been operating in the auto industry for more than 113 years. Ford not only produces mass-market and commercial cars but also manufactures luxurious cars under the brand, Lincoln. Also, many few are aware of the fact that Ford owns stakes in many high-end companies like Mazda and Aston Martin.

Two cars that contributed most in the said achievement are Ford F-Series and Ford Focus. Same cars that also featured were a part of Best selling cars 2015 list.

Numeric display of Ford impressive sales performance –

First-half sales – 410,371 units
Second-half sales -349,668 units
Total units sold in 2015 – 760,039 units

5. Honda

Best selling cars 2015

Image Credit: Carbrandnames

Entering now in the list is the Japan’s second largest auto manufacturer, Honda. The brand is also the world’s largest motorcycle and internal combustion engine manufacturer. All these facts rightly explain, how big the company actually is. Honda holds many automobile gems under its name like Honda City, Civic, and Accord. But one model that has made it to the best selling cars list is Honda CR-V.

Numeric display of Honda sales performance –

First-half sales – 352,064 units
Second-half sales – 396,134 units
Total units sold in 2015 – 748,198 units

6. Hyundai

Top 10 best selling cars

Image Credit: Kzallbiz

One and the only South Korean automaker present in the list is Hyundai. The brand was also the only entry from the said country in the list pertaining to best selling cars. The Hyundai car that made it to the list is Elantra, whose revamped version was launched recently.

Numeric display of Hyundai’s performance –

First-half sales – 293,778 units
Second-half sales – 286, 207 units
Total units sold in 2015 – 579,985 units

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7. Subaru

Top 10 best selling cars

Image Credit: Begleam

Japanese dominance over the auto sector is getting stronger and firmer. And Subaru’s entry at number seventh position is only giving air to the fire. Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of Fuji Heavy Industries, the transportation conglomerate of Japan. Also, the brand was recently bestowed by Kelley Blue Book’s 2016. It occupied the top position in slots like Best Overall Brand, Most Trusted Brand and Best Resale Value. But unfortunately, none of the brand’s car made it to the list of top 10 best selling cars.

Numeric display of Subaru’s 2015 performance –

First-half sales – 120,273 units
Second-half sales -134,916 units
Total units sold in 2015 – 255,189 units

8. Dodge

Top 10 best selling cars
Dodge Brand

Image Credit: Logodatabases

FCA has as many as eight brands listed under its name and only two of them features in the said list. The brand we are here talking about is Dodge that currently include many low priced re-badged Chrysler vehicles. Dodge like Subaru and Nissan do not have any of its car enlisted in best-selling cars 2015 record. Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Viper are some of best known Dodge cars with high sales figures.

Numeric display of Dodge sales performance –

First-half sales – 138,189 units
Second-half sales – 112,237 units
Total units sold in 2015 – 250, 426 units

9. BMW

Top 10 best selling cars

Image Credit: Meusmartphone

Second-last car brand to feature in the list is BMW. The same brand that showcased in the list of 10 most reliable car brands published by Consumer Reports. Though none of its model has an exceptional number but overall the brands performs consistently well in the market.

Numeric display of BMW sales performance –

First-half sales – 138,189 units
Second-half sales – 112,237 units
Total units sold in 2015 – 250, 426 units

10. Chrysler

Best Selling Cars
Chrysler Brand

Image Credit: Podkapot

This is the second FCA group brand after Dodge to have featured in the list. Chrysler cars are a bit expensive when compared to Dodge muscle cars. And this can be the one reason why it falls behind Dodge in terms of sales figures. As for the recent update, the brand will soon try its hand on EV’s.

First-half sales – 138,284 units
Second-half sales – 99,714 units
Total units sold in 2015 – 230,998 units

Best selling cars come from best brands around the world. These brands constantly strive to keep their position intact, by either introducing new cars or improving the one present in the line-up. We’ll have to wait for 2016 best-selling auto brands list to see who all will stick and the ones who miss from making in the list.