10 Best Cars For Teenagers 2016


Easy to drive city cars having better fuel economy, sturdy bodies, and advanced security features are ideal for teenagers who have less experience as drivers. They are usually more prone to accidents and needs cars that come with these features. Most Indian cities are congested with vehicles running bumper-to-bumper. Teenagers, who have just got their driving license, may lose their nerve trying to negotiate the traffic. For those of you who have just turned 18, since it’s the minimum legal age to drive a car in India, we have compiled a list of 10 best cars for teenagers that are ideal for Indian traffic conditions. And if you are a parent reading this, please don’t allow your child to take to the wheels before he/she turns 18. Underage driving is a major cause of road accidents in our country.

For those of you who have attained the legal age to take the driver’s seat, here are the 10 best cars for teenagers to drive. You will see that our list has more than its share of hatchbacks. This is because hatchbacks have a less turning radius, are much easier to negotiate in Indian conditions, and are easily the safest cars for teenagers.

1. Maruti Suzuki Celerio

The Celerio, from the stable of India’s largest carmaker, is undeniably one of the most feature-packed, fuel efficient and affordable cars in India. It’s the first car from Maruti Suzuki to be fitted with an automatic manual transmission (AMT), branded as EZ Drive, which makes the car remarkably easy to drive in city traffic. Celerio is available in 12 petrol, six diesel, and two CNG variants. At 830kg, Celerio is a lighter car than its peers, courtesy the all-aluminium block and one cylinder less.

best cars for teenagers
Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Image Credit: SAGMart

2. Nissan Micra

The Mirca is the perfect urban car. It offers an impressive low-rev ride in a spacious cabin. Micra is affordably priced and its strong engine performance makes it a perfect car for teenagers. With the current trend of buyers preferring automatic over manual transmission, Nissan Motor India has dropped the price of the car’s continuously variable transmission (CVT) model, in a bid to grab customer attention. Nissan claims that Micra, at the new revised price, is the most affordable CVT-fitted car in its segment.

Best cars for teenagers
Nissan Micra

Image Credit: Nissan

3. Honda Brio

The Brio has always been favoured by automobile enthusiasts for its mileage, superior handling, and competitive pricing. The Japanese auto major’s advanced compatibility engineering (ACE) body structure built from the highest grade steel, along with the advanced safety features, has made Micra one of the best cars for teenagers. This cheeky little Honda has huge hopes riding on it. Besides, with Honda’s commendable international track record with small cars, the Brio has been an impressive hit. A great design, superb packaging of interior space, and a peppy drive, has been the talking point of the car among young adults and seasoned drivers alike.

Safest Cars For Teenagers
Honda Brio

Image Credit: Ndtvimg

4. Ford Figo

The Figo is a fuel efficient and fun-to-drive car. It forges a perfect balance of comfort, style, and practicality. This Ford hatchback offers a smooth drive through city traffic, courtesy its responsive gearbox and perfectly calibrated engine. The car from the American automaker was launched in 2010 and had a minor facelift in 2012. The current version was launched in 2015, and shares a common platform with the Figo Aspire compact sedan.

best cars for teenagers
Ford Figo

Image Credit: Blogspot

5. Chevrolet Beat

The Chevrolet Beat is one of the best cars for teenagers in India. It’s a highly frugal, well equipped and easily drivable city car. The Beat’s short turning radius and compact dimensions make the car a perfect choice for teenagers. The company has plans to introduce five cars in India this year, of which three will be variants of the Beat, namely the Beat (new), the Beat Activ, and the Beat Essentia.

Best Car For Teens
Chevrolet Beat

Image Credit: Ndtvimg

6. Maruti Suzuki Swift

It’s one of the most popular hatchbacks and best-selling car in India. The Maruti Suzuki Swift has comfortable and well-appointed interior. The car is quite economically priced. It comes with robust engine performance and superior braking capability. As a result, it’s one of the safest cars for teenagers. The Swift also looks very outgoing and sporty. The Swift Sport, fitted with a 1.4 litre Boosterjet petrol engine is due soon. It’s the same engine which powers the Suzuki Vitara S, sold in international markets.

Best Car For Teens
Maruti Suzuki Swift

Image Credit: Carcomparisons

7. Hyundai Grand i10

It’s one of the best cars to hit the Indian market in the recent times, and also one of the safest cars for teenagers. It drives well and offers a more than impressive performance. A highly economical engine, robust body, and advanced safety features makes it one of the best cars for teenagers. Hyundai recently unveiled a special edition of this popular hatchback. The special edition retains the mechanics of the Grand i10. The petrol variant of the car is powered by a 1.2 litre dual VTVT four-cylinder engine.

Good Cars For Teens
Hyundai Grand i10

Image Credit: Hyundai

8. Volkswagen Polo

The Polo makes the cut because of its great value. Polo, one of the good cars for teens, has one of the best-in-class interiors, advanced technology and superior engine performance. It offers enhanced control and is also one of the safest cars for teenagers. It’s an absolute fun to drive as well. Volkswagen has considerably upgraded the Polo, since its launch, particularly after the induction of the 1.5 litre diesel engine in the line up.

Good Cars For Teens
Volkswagen Polo

Image Credit: Arnold Clark

9. Toyota Etios Liva

Toyota Etios Liva is one of the most practical and spacious cars in its class. It offers a decent performance with great fuel economy. The car is available in five petrol and an identical number of diesel versions. It offers pretty impressive handling and city drivability. It’s not a very high selling car because of Toyota’s relatively low market presentation and the Fortuner hogging all the limelight, but The Etios Liva is one of the good cars for teens.

Cheap Cars For Teens
Toyota Etios Liva

Image Credit: Autos Arena

10. Hyundai Elite i20

The Elite i20 is certainly one of the most comfortable and best looking cars out there. It has several safety features and offers a number of comfort inducing features. The Elite i20 has a highly efficient and refined engine. It’s a bestseller from Hyundai and in the premium hatchback segment competing with Fiat Punto, Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Honda Jazz.

Safest Cars For Teenagers
Hyundai Elite i20

Image Credit: Hyundai

Manufacturers are coming up with new variants and entirely new cars at an amazing regularity. Keep watching this space for the updated list of best cars for teenagers.