Changes We Have Seen In Automobile Industry In The Last Decade


The automobile industry has noticed significant changes in this decade and the ways we are building it. There is some major advancement which has come a long way to foster the growth process. It is always an area of concern for the aspiring technicians to note such changes with the developmental options in line. The following article combines the basics of the latest technological advancements in the field of automobiles.

Navigation was once a luxury option

Automobile Industry Changes
Navigation In Car

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To have navigation systems for any car about ten years ago would cost no less than $2500. Thus, most of the people relied on maps or any other printable solutions for that matter. But the scenario has changed for the recent years because people now have personalized navigation controls which are technically so advanced that the drivers don’t need to look at the screens while driving. A recent report has also published that around 155 million vehicles now have the personalized navigation control which is serving them.

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Driving a car is a safer option

Automobile Industry Changes
Airbags In Cars

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If you go on guessing the luxury that cars offer you today, they go high in numbers. They have airbags and that too one for each person sitting inside the car. Now there are cars which have as much as 10 airbags built around the vehicle to ensure the security of passengers. Now the cars have come up with the accidental avoidance function as well which is a brand new idea in the industry which gives warning signs and helps in blind spot recognition. This provides you with collision warnings and alert sensors. These car features even prototype the airbags to prevent any damage which is the very new advancement by the automobile industry.

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Fuel economy is now vital

Automobile Industry Changes
Improved Fuel Economy

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To have a car with high mileage isn’t always important and a decade back it wasn’t that important. Through this decade, however, we have seen a boom in gas prices rocketing up to $4 per gallon. This has led to an emergence of new and more efficient models which have hit the market hard. There are the hybrid cars and electric cars which are now a day’s high on demand because of the efficiency they provide. Fuel efficiency is now the most important in this game which is heading the market by its impact it has on the public.

Self-awareness is inbuilt in the car

Cars nowadays are so self-sufficient that they can tell you all about themselves in a look. For instance, these smart cars have the feature of informing you about the tires pressure when it is low, when the car is low on fuel or when you accidentally left the gate open. These cars are now equipped with the new Bluetooth option through which you can easily connect your phone for easy operation. The contacts sync in easily and give away a hands-free option. In additional to this, they have voice command options too which enables you to command your car into guiding directions. New in demand, auxiliary cables have helped in playing the music from any gadget a user is carrying and makes driving an enjoyable experience.

More cars imply to more advancement

There are approximately 50,000 more cars on the roads than there were a decade ago because of the simple reason of people’s increased affordability. There is an increase in the number of people who are using cars nowadays over public transport. The automobile industry is intelligently coming up with new and exclusive features day after day to keep the customers interested.

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There are now safety gears installed, TV screens and shifting paddles which help make the driving easy and comfortable for the driver as well as the pedestrians. These features help people to stay on roads and encourage them to drive their own vehicles. So, these are some of the significant changes that we have seen in the automobile industry in the past one decade.