Know More About Android Auto And Apple CarPlay


Google’s Android auto and Apple’s Carplay are the latest addition to smartphone integration systems in cars. Driving wasn’t so easy and fun till now, but with these two technology giants introducing such advance systems for cars the whole scenario has changed. Let me just brief you about the two, Android Auto is a smart phone projection standard developed by Google to allow mobile devices running the Android operating system (version 5.0 “Lollipop” and later) to be operated in automobiles through the dashboard’s head unit.

And, CarPlay is an Apple standard that enables a car radio or head unit to be a display and also act as a controller for an iPhone. It is available on all iPhone 5 and later with at least iOS 7.1. We are sure you want to know more about these systems, don’t you? Below is a brief comparison of the features of these mind-blowing technologies;


Android Auto
Android Auto

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The first and foremost need of a car driver is a good navigation system. Both Apple and Google has taken this very seriously by installing good quality navigation software in their systems.

Android auto as you may have guessed runs on Google map and provides accurate turn by turn directions apart from verbal instructions about the traffic.

Apple Carplay Navigation
Apple Carplay Navigation

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On the other hand, Carplay uses Apple Maps with Siri. Although both systems are equally good but users still prefer Google maps.

Audio streaming apps and messaging

Android Auto Music System
Android Auto Music System

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Who doesn’t like listening to music while driving on those beautiful roads?

Both of the systems have allowed the usage of third party music applications apart from Google play music and iTunes. Apple Carplay officially supports thirteen apps while Android Auto supports only nine. Both of them support iHeart radio, Spotify, Stitcher, and Umano. However, third-party audio app developers can adapt their software with both of the systems.

If we talk about messaging apps, android auto has an advantage as it supports all apps like WhatsApp, Hike, and Skype whereas Carplay supports only iMessage and text messages.

Voice commands and search

Apple’s infamous Siri and Google’s now voice are installed in their respective system. The driver can literally talk to the systems, take calls, schedule reminders, ask for directions and what not.

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Compatible phones

As you may have guessed, Apple Carplay supports iPhones only and that too only latest models that have ios 7.1 or above. The full compatible phones list is given below:

iPhone 5 (above ios 7.1)
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5s
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus

If we talk about the other side of the coin i.e. the android auto, goes with any phone which runs either on android 5.0 lollipop platform or higher. However, some android phones do not work with it as reviewed by some customers.


The process of setting up the systems has been made easy for the users. There is no need to have any technical knowledge as such. Starting with Apple’s Carplay the setup process is very simple, all you need to do is plug in your iPhone (lightning bolt plug-in) and you are good to go! As soon as you plug-in the iPhone your screen will be displayed on the system.

The setup process of Android auto is also very similar. Download the android auto app on your phone (with os 5.0 or above) and plug your phone and the setup is done.

Home screen and organization

Although being similar in many areas, the home screens of both the setups are very different. The reason is that both Google and Apple didn’t want to change the home screen look that they had in their phones.

If we talk about the Android Auto’s screen, the user will have a lot of applications and quick shortcuts. However more the applications more clumsy it looks. Apart from this, Android Auto provides weather update and Google now. It also provides shortcuts on the basis of your recent destinations and habits.

Carplay has an iPhone-like screen organization with a scrollable home screen. Apple has used a simply yet good home screen. It is not as complex as the Auto but quite simple in which one tap accessibility is provided. Carplay displays much less information on its screen but all the important information like missed calls etc. is displayed.

Calls and Texts

Calls And Texts
Calls And Texts

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Calls can be accepted and made via voice control in both the systems. The impressive feature of speech to text is also present in the systems where the speech is converted to message accurately so that the driver does not get distracted from the road while typing. Also, messages which are received will be read out by the system to you.


The Apple Carplay is sleek and simple. The device is thin and looks perfect with large icons and only limited and relevant items are displayed.
The Android Auto works with inputs like capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen, and rotary controls. Although Google claims the interface to be simple but still it is a bit complex than the Carplay. Both the companies have focused on the fact that their systems are designed in such a way that it does not distract the driver from the road.

Compatible Receivers

The next question that arises is that whether these software’s are available for your car or not? The good news is that almost all automakers support both of the systems. As we all know everything has exceptions, BMW and Ferrari support Carplay only.

So, this was a short review about the two amazingly designed car systems Apple’s Carplay and Android Auto. Both of them are user-friendly and well designed. The advancement of technology not only increased the convenience of the drivers but also introduced such systems which are dream of every car owner. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab your own system today.