2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Review : A Family Suv


This Hyundai Santa Fe review shows that this car is certainly a brilliant option to choose when looking for a fine SUV. This has a beautiful interior and a strong engine with plenty of great control features. It’s all available with a price that is certainly easy for you to afford.


Hyundai Santa Fe review
2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Overview

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To get a full idea of what to expect out of this Hyundai Santa Fe review, it helps to look at its background. The Santa Fe was introduced in 2000 as the first SUV from the Korean car company. The car has evolved over the years and is currently in its third generation. This is designed with a six-speed transmission and offers a beautiful and comfortable interior. The price is especially great and easy to afford when compared with other options.

A Review of Its Specs

Hyundai Santa Fe Features
This is one of the many Santa Fe engine options you can use

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What Is the Hyundai Santa Fe Price?

The price is important to see when looking at the Santa Fe. Fortunately, there’s a great value to it that makes it worth what you see in photos promoting this vehicle.

The Hyundai Santa Fe price will vary by each individual trim. The SE trim is available for $30,400 while the Limited goes for $34,500. It costs about $1,500 extra for an all-wheel drive version of the vehicle.

What the Performance Is Like

Hyundai Santa Fe Features
The rear view of the 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe

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The performance of this vehicle is one of the top Hyundai Santa Fe features to see. The 290 hp 3.3L V6 engine is a strong option that is easy to work with.

The way how the vehicle drives is an especially popular feature. It offers a great drive that is powerful and will move along the road quite well and with relative ease.

The dual continuously variable valve timing system is an especially popular feature of this vehicle. The gasoline direct injection or GDI feature also helps to keep the car running quickly and effortlessly on the road.

The steering feature is one of the best features that deserves to be seen. The steering mechanism is designed to be carefully organized. The Drive Mode Select button will adjust the throttle response and steering setup to your particular driving style. This should make it easier for you to move around on the road with ease.

Photos Don’t Do the Exterior Justice

Hyundai Santa Fe Features
The stunning look of the 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe

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Some of the best parts of the Santa Fe relate to the exterior. The outside has a slim look that isn’t all that bulky when compared with what other SUVs offer. By looking at Hyundai Santa Fe photos, you will notice how appealing it is. This is thanks to how the Santa Fe has a great trim with streamlined headlights and a grille that flows rather well.

The Fluidic Sculpture design makes a return on this model. It offers a better lower bumper system that allows exhaust to move clearly and carefully out from the vehicle.

The Interior of the Car Offers Luxury and Technology

Hyundai Santa Fe Interior
Hyundai Santa Fe Interior

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The inside parts of the car are especially worth noticing. The inside is certainly a comfortable space with plenty of relaxing points and more than enough technology.

One of the top features here entails a center stack that has been fully redesigned to feature a seven-inch display screen. This touchscreen feature will display a variety of items like a navigational system or audio system data among other key points. These allow the Santa Fe to certainly be more functional and effective for your needs.

The panoramic sunroof is one of the most impressive Hyundai Santa Fe features to see. Hyundai states that this covers more than two-thirds of the roof and will provide the inside cabin with more than enough natural light.

The 40/20/40 split-folding design on the inside of the car is an especially popular point to see. This allows you to get in and out of the car with ease and is certainly worth the price.

Nice cloth fabric is used on a standard seven-seat model. You can also get a six-seat arrangement that uses more beautiful and comfortable leather seating features to add a softer tone to the seating area.

What Other Hyundai Santa Fe Features Are There?

Hyundai Santa Fe Features
Hyundai Santa Fe Features

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There are many other great points about the car to see in this Hyundai Santa Fe review. It offers dual power side mirrors and power seating on the front row to make adjustments a little easier to manage. A great front wheel drive feature is included as one of the top Hyundai Santa Fe specs although a more durable and easier to use all-wheel drive feature can also be ordered if desired.

The 18-inch alloy wheels are easy to spot. These wheels allow you to have enough control over the road. An optional 19-inch choice is also available.

You can always tow plenty of weight with this vehicle. The official Hyundai Santa Fe specs state that you can get about 5,000 pounds of weight towed at the end. With a turning diameter of 36.9 feet curb-to-curb, this can make for an effective option for when you’re trying to carry things around with your car.

What Are the Safety Features?

Hyundai Santa Fe review
The Santa Fe does well in the snow

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In terms of safety, the automatic emergency braking feature is a popular part of the vehicle to see. This works with a radar sensor and camera to identify what might be found in front of the vehicle. This should be used well enough to help you stop the vehicle in enough time depending on what it finds.

A camera system is also included among the safety features in the Santa Fe. This feature allows you to look at the back area of your car in real time to ensure that nothing might be in the way. A blind spot detection system is also included to help you get a clear idea of what might be going around not too far from your vehicle.

A lane departure warning feature is also included for cases where your car might be veering to the side. This can help you identify when you need to make the right corrective measures to ensure that your vehicle won’t go too far off to the side.

Who Are the Competitors?

Hyundai Santa Fe review
The 2016 Chevy Equinox is one option that competes with the Santa Fe

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There’s always a need to look at the other vehicles when it comes to seeing what makes the Santa Fe special. There are plenty of other cars that might try to beat the price on the Santa Fe but this vehicle still holds out above them all.

The Santa Fe competes with the Chevrolet Equinox and Nissan Murano among other vehicles. The price is lower than the others while the Santa Fe also has a pedestrian detection system and emergency braking setup that works automatically, something the others don’t have. The lane departure warning is not featured in the Dodge Journey either. The 71.5 cubic feet of interior space is one of the top parts of car’s specs that the Journey, Murano and Honda CR-V cannot match either.


Hyundai Santa Fe review
Santa Fe verdict

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If there is anything that this Hyundai Santa Fe review can teach you, it is that this vehicle is certainly a popular choice that can make a difference when you are looking for a good vehicle. There many great safety features and vast interior space points that make this worthwhile. You will certainly be amazed at how well this car can work for your desires. The price will especially be easy for you to afford. Whether you’re looking at photos of it or you’re taking a test drive, you will be impressed at how well these work.