Ford Endeavour 2016 Review : Next Generation Endeavour


The Ford Endeavour 2016 is designed with a strong body and a control system that keeps the wheels on the road. It also has a strong engine with a useful shifting system that keeps it moving quickly.


Ford Endeavour 2016
Ford Endeavour Overview

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The Ford Endeavour is a mid-size SUV available for families all around India to check out. Known as the Ford Everest outside of India, this has been produced by Ford since 2003 but it was just recently in 2015 when the newest generation of this car was introduced. The car comes with a design that is much more streamlined than what it’s been like in the past.

A Look At the Specs

2.2L or 3.2L TDCi dieselSix-speed automatic or manual149253 lb-ft
0-60 MPHTop SpeedBody StyleMPG
8 seconds193 km/hSUV7.8L/100km

What Is the Ford Endeavour Price?

The current Ford Endeavour price is Rs. 24,93,700. This is the on-going price for the basic edition of this vehicle. You will pay more for this car depending on the particular additional features that you might order.

Check Out the Performance of the Ford Endeavour

Ford Endeavour 2016
Ford Endeavour Performance

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The Endeavour is one of the most capable SUV models around. There are 2.2L and 3.2L TDCi diesel engines to choose from. This vehicle will power through all kinds of roads and surfaces with ease.

It especially uses torque on demand as torque moves between the wheels that have the most grip on the road. The Endeavour does this to keep the traction on the vehicle intact.

The Electronic Stability Control feature is also worthwhile for how it ensures that the vehicle will continue to have a strong grip on the road. This works even when trying to take a corner.

A sensor also identifies potentials for when a vehicle could roll. It automatically restores its stability by correcting its motions on the road.

The EPAS, or Electric Power Assist Steering, feature also measures the input you take in when you are steering. This adapts to any shifts that might be caused by crosswinds or unusual road surfaces that you might drive on.

You can also choose from 4×2 or 4×4 variants. Ford offers these with different budgets in mind with the 4×4 option clearly costing more. Either option offers plenty of control over the ground although the 4×4 is designed more with off-road capability in mind.

You can also choose from an automatic or manual transmission. The automatic option works with an electric shift system that moves the shift upward on the fly.

Check Out the Exterior

Ford Endeavour 2016 Review
Ford Endeavour Exterior

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The exterior of the Ford Endeavour 2016 is designed to keep it from looking like a big box. The vehicle has a slim series of headlights and an oversized grille to let in air. The windows are also curved to be narrow on the ends while the back has a slight curve on its body to create a better total appearance. This offers a striking view that is worth the Ford Endeavour price.

The physical size of the vehicle is important as it takes up plenty of space but is still big enough to handle seven people. This vehicle is 5060 mm long and has a 2860 mm wheelbase.

Interior Features To See

Ford Endeavour 2016 Review
Ford Endeavour Interior

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The inside of the car is the next point to see in this Ford Endeavour review. The inside has a nice leather seating setup that is smooth and comfortable.

The steering wheel and gear grip even have leather surfaces. These surfaces are easy to handle and offer smooth bodies that can be easy to hold when you’re looking to move around well enough.

The second and third rows can be folded down in many ways depending on the amount of cargo you have to carry around. The second row offers a 50:50 split that can fold in two halves. The third row can also fold and is fully removable.

There are three 12V power sockets on the inside of the car. These are scattered around the entire cabin to offer enough power for a variety of spaces. You more than likely will not need any extension cords to use any of these power sockets.

What Else Is In the Vehicle?

Ford Endeavour 2016 Specs
What else is in the vehicle?

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The Ford Endeavour specs that surround the entire vehicle make it all the more exciting for drivers around India to look for. This offers gas-filled shock absorbers that improve how well the vehicle runs on the road and keeps it from being far too bumpy while in motion.

The brakes have self-adjusting drums and are ventilated to allow enough pressure to move in. This keeps the vehicle running smoothly and prevents any disruptions in terms of how well the vehicle works.

The vehicle also has a comfortable air conditioning system. This offers an independent control system for the rear AC to allow for more climate zones in the same vehicle. There are personalized vents on the second and third rows to give each person a little more control over the AC.

There are six speakers around the body of the car. These speakers work with not only a stereo system but also a device plugged into the standard USB or Aux In port. A Bluetooth connection is also available in select models.

What Are the Safety Features?

Ford Endeavour 2016 Specs
Ford Endeavour 2016 Rear

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The safety features included in the Ford Endeavour 2016 include an anti-lock braking system. Also, the electronic brake force distribution system allows the brakes to work rather well. There are also airbags around the vehicle including dual stage front row airbags.

Side beams are also used on the doors to prevent potential intrusions. This makes it harder for people to break into these vehicles.

The limited slip differential is one feature included in the Ford Endeavour price. This will work to protect the wheels and keep them stable so the car will not slip or move off of the road at any time.

A Look At the Competition

Ford Endeavour 2016 Competitors
2016 Toyota Fortuner

Image Credit: Car Release Dates

There are a few cars that are clearly competing with the Ford Endeavour 2016. The Toyota Fortuner 2016 is one car that has a 2.5L four-cylinder engine that produces slightly more power. However, the Fortuner cabin is not as strong as what the Endeavour has to offer.

The Chevrolet Trailblazer is also a direct competitor. The Trailblazer’s 2.8L engine is powerful but it only has a two-wheel drive feature. The Trailblazer does not have as accurate of a shifting system as what the Endeavour has. Many of the standard features on the Endeavour that were listed above are also only options on Trailblazer.


Ford Endeavour 2016
Ford Endeavour Verdict

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People who are looking for a great SUV should see what the Ford Endeavour 2016 has to offer. This vehicle has a strong body and plenty of safety and control features to keep it working. It also has an extended variety of standard features that make it all the more enjoyable and useful for when you’re looking to get far on the road.