First Look at the 2021 Aston Martin DBX


This is Aston Martin’s first luxury SUV/crossover. The 2021 Aston Martin DBX is a five-seater SUV with a roaring engine and a finely sculpted body. Aston Martin is well known for specializing in GT and high-end sports cars, but the auto makers at AM think the time is right to broaden their horizons. The DBX takes full aim at luxury SUVs from Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW and Bentley. Yet, the 2021 DBX is a latecomer to this market segment.

Regarding the DBX, it’s a case of better late than never. A brand-new, high quality luxury vehicle from Aston Martin will never be overlooked. The 2021 DBX doesn’t have any model variants in the traditional sense of the term. Like other Aston Martin vehicles, the DBX comes in eight different custom variations. Each one has an evocative name like Urban Fighter, Bohemian Escape, and Malibu Opera. These variants come with different feature configurations like red leather guts, carbon fiber inserts, and different wheel styles. You can also add further customizations like the snow package that optimizes the DBX for winter escapades.

Sculpted Exterior

Thankfully, the DBX isn’t just a knockoff of other luxury brand SUVs. It has a brand-new architecture and a look that reflects the Aston Martin brand quite nicely. The front fascia has the iconic Aston Martin grille – six parallel lines set inside the paneling. The headlamps sweep back from the front fascia and blur into the bonnet. The bonnet itself is pockmarked with snorkels and aggressively carved contours.

The profile has another deeply carved contour line in the lower portion of the doors. It’s a dark, deliberate accent line that reflects pure confidence in design. The door handles fit flush into the paneling, all seals are hidden, and the side mirrors have a sharp, angular aesthetic.

The rear of the DBX is aerodynamic but might raise a few eyebrows. It has a rear wing, a sharply raked rear window and an upturned rear flip where the LED light panels are housed. It’s certainly unique but appears redundant. Luckily, the dual exhaust ports redeem the DBX’s backside, but it’s clear that this upturned rear panel isn’t the luxury SUVs most flattering feature.

View from Inside

The interior of the Aston Martin DBX is its crowning feature, resplendent with leather, glass and wood. It’s the DB11 on premium steroids. The seats are full grain leather from Bridge of Weir, but you can opt for a new 80% wool fabric or a flax linen that’s comfortable yet sophisticated. There’s an Alcantara headliner and the 2021 DBX also has a panoramic glass roof that illuminates the interior with ambient light from the sky as well as 64 patterns of artificial light from below.

Everything comes together in the middle of the interior. Driver and passenger have their own space thanks to the bridge style center console. The console and dashboard are exquisitely carved from a selection of wood trims and provide separate armrests for the driver and passenger. There’s a 10-inch touchscreen that fits seamlessly in the dashboard and Apple CarPlay comes standard. The control stack and touchscreen are tilted back though and might catch glares on a bright, sunny day.

The new DBX has a spacious interior that doesn’t stretch its expectations. The DBX seats five passengers and doesn’t bother to take a stab at a third row or modular seating. The second row does fold down to a 40:20:40 split and there’s a total cargo volume of 54 cubic feet. Loading gear inside the DBX is a cinch because the adjustable suspension can raise or lower the vehicle. The fifth door opening is wide enough to accommodate odd sized objects and the storage space inside is well-thought out.

Performance Capabilities

The 2021 DBX has versatile performance capabilities. With just one look at the performance specs you can tell that the DBX is a true Aston. It has a 4.0 Liter twin turbo V8 power plant that produces 542 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque. That’s the same engine from the Aston Martin Vantage. A nine speed automatic transmission shunts power to all four wheels and its controlled through paddle shifters.

The active exhaust system in the DBX roars like its stablemates. It can hit zero to 60 MPH in 4.3 seconds and achieve a top speed of 181 MPH. If that’s a bit too much power for your Sunday drive, you can deactivate cylinders and cruise for better fuel economy. That would make the drive experience more like the Audi Q line. It’s great that you have that choice of ride quality.

The DBX has a complex handling system. It has adaptive triple volume air suspension that can raise or lower the ride height by 45 mm. This loosens the springs for off-road adventures or tightens everything down for sports car performance. The DBX has an electric anti-roll control system (eARC) that exerts 1,033 lb. ft. of downforce on each axle to give you unprecedented stability in a wide range of driving conditions. It can handle some light off-roading and the 2021 DBX also has a towing capacity of 5,940 lbs.

It’s also important to note that the Aston Martin DBX is incredibly lightweight. Its chassis and panels are composed of lightweight aluminum that keeps the curb weight under 5,000 lbs. The 2021 DBX has a multi-link rear axle and double wishbone suspension up front. It’s firm, yet flexible enough to hang with GT and sports cars on straight or winding roads.

Summing it Up

One of the biggest victories of the 2021 DBX is the cabin experience. When you’re competing against Porsche, Bentley and BMW, you need to go above and beyond. The DBX certainly takes a shot at the heavens. It has a full panoramic glass roof, an orgy of full grain leather and stunning wood trim. The DBX also has class-leading legroom and its cargo room is immense. Sales of the 2021 Aston Martin DBX will undoubtedly come from behind the wheel.

It has performance chops, as well. There’s the same engine as the DB11 – the 4.0 Liter twin turbo V8 and an extremely sophisticated array of handling systems working in concert together. All wheel drive is standard and the DBX can drive like a sport car or a family mover depending on what you’re in the mood for that particular day.

That sort of versatility and performance make the 2021 DBX an instant contender in the luxury SUV segment. The 2021 DBX carries an MSRP of $192,986, and that puts it on par with other vehicles from luxury automakers like Porsche and Bentley. Aston Martin might have a difficult slope to climb in order to muscle its way to the top of the field, but the DBX will make a valiant effort from the inside out.