BMW i8 Review : Futuristic Hybrid Sportscar


When talking about the upcoming generation of vehicles, BMW i8 is the representative of the next generation vehicles. And BMW i8 review will let you know how this car has raised the standards for the competitors.


BMW i8 Photos
BMW i8 Front

Image Credit: Caranddriver

BMW surprised the world with its announcement of the hybrid series in 2011. This is an exuberant and an environment-friendly sports machine that dashes the roads at a speed of 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.The key BMW i8 feature is that it is a high-performance hybrid car that is unquestionably light in weight. Further, contributing to its long list of amenities is its great fuel saving capabilities and sleek and much-desired design. Despite its hardware packing of aluminium, hardened glass and the use of carbon fibre makes it light in weight. This further adds to the performance of the hybrid car. As BMW says, its mission is in response to the new era of sustainable performances. With its traditional elements from the BMW family, this new BMW i8 features twin grilled lights in the front.

BMW i8 Specifications

BMW i8 Photos
BMW i8 Specs

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Inter cooled Turbo Gas/Electric I-3, 1.5 L6-Speed AT357 hp420 lb-ft
0-60 mphTop SpeedBody StyleMileage
3.6 seconds250 kmph2-Door Coupe47.5 kmpl


Considering the BMW i8 cost, the features and technology on which the hybrid is running is game changing. Thus, the manufacturer has justified the pricing in a significant manner. For the US market, the BMW i8 price starts at $135, 925.


BMW i8 Photos
BMW i8 Performance

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As far as the performance is considered this hybrid i8 astonishes the passengers with the combined benefits of a gas engine and an electric motor. As stated in the BMW i8 specs it deploys a three cylinder engine with an electric motor and a battery pack made up of lithium ion to deliver a 320 Nm @ 3700 rpm of torque. Initiating with the rear side, the basic power plant is the three cylinders charged engine of a capacity of 1.5 liters that is turbocharged with a boost cranked. This engine as per the BMW i8 specs is then connected with all horsepower motor and a six-speed automated transmission.

In the front of the vehicle sits the same kind of motor which uses a two speed automated transmission and a 6-speed gearbox. According to the BMW i8 spec sheet there lies a 7.1 kWh battery pack of lithium-ion under the central tunnel of the car, which sufficiently provide a power of 129 hp for around 22 miles.

The most impressive part of the performance is to see the two systems working together in sync to create an intelligent four-wheel drive setup. The drivetrain distribution also translates to half a weight distribution on either sides, thanks to the carbon fibre and aluminium structure. This helps in keeping the occupants safe.

Another hit high spot is the soundtrack delivery that does BMW i8 cost full justice. There is a clearly synthesised audio work but it is more similar to the digital ones. If one does not open the windows at all in a tunnel passage, it is easily expected that the ears to be blown off because of the noise it creates in the cabin. It offers a smooth cornering with a little mishmash of axles and rolls freely with a terrific steering. It is high on consistency with very rare chances of understeering.


BMW i8 Photos
BMW i8 Side Profile

Image Credit: Autoevolution

With just a look at the BMW i8 photos one can easily say that it is an engineer’s escape rather emotionally designed. Moreover, the major reason behind installing the laser lights as claimed by the BMW officials is that it is more efficient than LED headlamps. Although these laser headlamps are also installed for the people to flaunt. The BMW i8 features a wedge profile. It has an amazingly microscopic size engine, which is well integrated with vents at the rear and front ends. There are wings and channels that provide downforce at the rear lamps. This, in addition provides a direct airflow for swift movement.

All the proportions are refreshed with the new design. The overall dimensions of this sports car measure 4688.84 mm x 1943.1 mm x 1295.4 mm (L x W x H) making it almost 254 mm longer than Audi R8. The wheelbase measures 2799.08 mm with a ground clearance of 116.84 mm, good enough for a sports car.


BMW i8 Features
BMW i8 Interior

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Coming to the BMW i8 interior, this luxury sports car makes getting in and out of the car a little clumsy because of low sitting. Additionally, the butterfly doors don’t make any attempt at making the ingress and egress any more easier.

As compared to the exteriors of the car, the interiors are way more traditional than the i3. Everything is well planned and placed with a new addition of the ambient lights to the interiors. The interiors as per the BMW i8 review are well perched with climate control instrument, LCD cluster and iDrive display at the dashboard, which further accentuates the sporty theme. It is however, a more comfortable model for the taller people out there. The sportiness of the car is accentuated further by the use of six-way power seats designed with headrests. As you see it is not just a sexy car with butterfly doors but a prototype of its own style after the BMW’s 2009 release.

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BMW i8 Features

BMW i8 Features
BMW i8 Features

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As expected from any other BMW model, this BMW model is also stuffed with a number of advanced features. Some of the features include multi-level heating of passenger seats which are 6 way powered and adjustable at the same time. The BMW i8 features some power features too that include power touch windows and hands free entrance. Convenience wise it has excellent cruise control with an electric power steering accompanied with transmission and audio controls on the steering wheel. As far as the storage is concerned it has front and rear cupholders as well as a sizeable front setback storage. The BMW i8 review states that it even offers roadside assistance, destination guidance and hands free calling for the driver’s comfort. There are a few in-car entertainment features lined up that includes a total of 11 speakers, 360 watts stereo, subwoofer, USB connection, satellite radio services with Harman band stereo system.


BMW i8 Features
BMW i8 Rear

Image Credit: Autoevolution

The BMW’s hybrid sports model offers dual side and front airbags for passenger safety. There are a few exclusive safety features like the child seat anchors, anti-theft alarm system, emergency braking, post-collision safety system and air deployment notification. Other voluntary safety features include brake drying capacity, traction control, stability control, turn signal mirror, dusk sensing headlamps and day time running lights for improved drive train.


BMW i8 Competitor
Porsche 918 Spyder

Image Credit: Porsche

For now the closest rival of i8 is Porsche 918 Spyder, which is dynamically better than BMW i8 model. As inferred by this review, BMW i8 performs well than most of the other hybrid cars present in the market. Its traditional competitors include other sports cars like – the Maserati GranTurismo, Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Audi R8.

BMW i8 Verdict

BMW i8 Review
Front View Of BMW i8

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This surely isn’t anyone’s regular sport’s car. BMW i8 is not only capable of delivering M4 like acceleration but also offers a fuel economy that is not often in any segment. This model is undoubtedly smart but at the same time it’s equally expensive and that’s a little disappointing for the supercar lovers. On the positive side the said performance hybrid from BMW features amazing looks and offers a fantastic performance. Whereas, there are few drawbacks, which include small boot space, road noise and cramped rear seats. So if you are looking for nothing common then i8 should be on your list.