2016 Chevrolet Cruze Review : Cruze the Road with Chevy


Chevy’s latest addition is creating quite a stir in the automobile industry these days. If you’re wondering what this fleet has to offer, then check out the Chevrolet Cruze review to decide if these are the wheels you want to own.


Chevrolet Cruze Review
Chevrolet Cruze Overview

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Buying a car is usually a tough decision. With so much competition out there, car owners have a tough time choosing mileage over looks and vice-versa. The Chevrolet Cruze Specs proves that this car combines the efficiency with class and style.

The Chevrolet Cruze is a modern take on the Chevrolet Cobalt. The redesigned version of this car is worth looking at. Here’s the Chevrolet Cruze review for you to understand what the car has to offer and what makes it highly desirable. Let’s talk about the design. The Chevrolet Cruze is certainly designed to impress everyone. The first Chevrolet Cruze was an instant hit with car lovers. The new Chevrolet Cruze has an amazing facelift, making it stand out on the road. Chevrolet’s Cruze is a sleek sedan that gives other car brands a run for their money. The car is compact yet comfortable and comes with some of the best features Chevrolet has to offer. The car design is inspired from some of Chevrolet’s top selling car models including the Impala and the Malibu. With this Chevrolet Cruze Review, you can see what the improved features in this beauty are.


Chevrolet Cruze Specs
Chevrolet Cruze Specifications

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One of the most advanced features of the new Chevrolet Cruze is a new front wheel drive that is over 250 pounds lighter than the previous models. The new compact six-speed auto transmission makes the new Chevrolet Cruze Features difficult to resist. One of the most impressive features of the new Chevrolet Cruze is racing from 0-60 in just under 8 seconds. Although the Chevrolet Cruze Review was conducted in the top Premier RS and Premier models, even the basic model has the most advanced features compared to a regular car. Another amazing part of the Chevrolet Cruze Specs is the 18-inch tires.

Fuel Economy (City / Highway)Car TypeTransmissionBasic Warranty
29 / 41 mpgSedan6-speed manual3 years / 36,000 miles
BluetoothHeated SeatsEngine TypeTotal Seating
CylindersDrive TrainNavigation
Inline 4Front Wheel DriveYes


Chevrolet Cruze Price
Chevrolet Cruze Price

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4-Door Sedan L$16,620
4-Door Sedan LS$18,120
4-Door Sedan LT$19,820
4-Door Sedan Premier$23,120

Compared to other luxury sedans, the Chevrolet Cruze price is very competitive and the very best in the market. Various finance options are also available for the new Chevrolet Cruze.


Chevrolet Cruze Specs
Chevrolet Cruze Performance

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The Chevrolet Cruze performed above expectations. The technology and performance driven engine under the bonnet is very impressive. Chevrolet revamped the engine to accommodate a 1.4-liter engine with 153 horsepower and 177 pound-feet torque. The car is also fuel-efficient and delivers an average of 32mpg. The Chevrolet Cruze price does justice to the performance of this car.

The new Chevrolet Cruze delivers the best in class performance. Steering around in the Chevrolet Cruze Premier is light and easy to maneuver. With the electronic power steering system, moving the car through traffic and tight corners is absolutely smooth and easy.


Chevrolet Cruze Review
Chevrolet Cruze Exterior

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Chevy has upgraded the exteriors of the Cruze to make it more compact and stylish. While conducting the Chevrolet Cruze Review, we were amazingly surprised to find how classy the exterior of the car looks. This is the newest small sedan in town. The car is a classic combination of the Volt and the Malibu, which is a little larger than the Cruze. The car has an amazing sleek front and some of the best swept back headlights, which comes with LED accents. Not only is the car great for the road, but it also looks amazing. This car is at par with the Volt and Corvette.

With an aim to keep up with the current industry trends, the Cruze comes with a faster sloping roofline making the car look compact and classy. The car has a rising belt line and a lower character line, which makes it perfect for perpetual motion giving users a smooth ride. While this Cruze is a sedan, the upcoming version is designed to be a hatchback.


Chevrolet Cruze Review
Chevrolet Cruze Interior

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The interiors of the new Chevrolet Cruze are not too different from the previous version. However, there are a few upgrades that will catch your attention immediately. The car comes with an infotainment system, which is an upgraded version of the earlier system Chevrolet used. This new system is a second-generation MyLink infotainment system that comes with a 7-inch screen, Auto Android support, and Apple Carplay as the standard equipment. The car also has heated seats in the front and rear and has the heating system incorporated on the steering wheel. This makes it comfortable in winters.


Chevrolet Cruze Features
Chevrolet Cruze Features

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With some amazing features packed into the Chevrolet Cruze, doing a Chevrolet Cruze Review becomes a thrill ride more than a test drive. The headlights are the most prominent change in the car. The car also has a newly shaped nose and has added character lines that make it look stylish. The Chevrolet Cruze is all out to impress.

The all-new Chevrolet Cruze features include a larger but lighter design that makes the car look really stylish and perfect for aerodynamics. The Cruze is an ideal car for a medium sized family and has ample space along with some great features. This sedan is perfect for those who are not looking to spend too much money on their car, but are still looking for one that is classy and looks exquisite. This Chevrolet Cruze Review covers all the details needed to make a decision about your new car.


Chevrolet Cruze Review
Chevrolet Cruze Safety

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One of the key Chevrolet Cruze Features is the attention to detail and safety of commuters. The new Chevrolet Cruze comes with enhanced safety features that were unheard of in the past. Some of the safety features are additional air bags, disc brakes, ABS, drum brakes, stability control that is useful while driving in slippery conditions, child safety features, manually adjustable pedals, tow hooks at the front and back, automatic lane departure warning, and many more.


Chevrolet Cruze Review
Chevrolet Cruze Competitors

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When it comes to competing against the big players, the Chevrolet Cruze does a fair job. One of the comparisons was against the ever-popular Honda Civic. Honda Civic has been the benchmark for Sedan manufactures for many years now. With the introduction of the new Chevrolet Cruze, all that has changed. We are glad to say that the all new Chevrolet Cruze Features outclass the Honda Civic in every regard. Let’s look at how these two fared against each other.

FeaturesChevrolet CruzeHonda Civic
Torque177 pound-feet138 pound-feet
Mileage (City / Highway)31 mpg / 43 mpg31 mpg / 42 mpg
Transmission6-speed automaticVariable transmission
Rear Parking AssistYesNo
Rear Cross Traffic AlertYesNo


Chevrolet Cruze Review
Chevrolet Cruze Verdict

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The verdict for this Chevrolet Cruze Review is thumbs up from all aspects. Keeping in trend with the latest technology used in cars by other manufacturers, Chevrolet has stepped up its game and delivered an excellent sedan.