2016 Acura ILX Review : Price, Photos and Specs


ILX has been a prominent car in the fleet of Acura and the 2016 Acura ILX review will let you know what new the brand has to offer with this prominent sedan. This luxurious sedan is an enduring mixture of sportier looks and increased comfort.


Acura ILX Features
2016 Acura ILX Front

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Until now the Acura ILX was a complicated composition of classy interior and sporty exterior design. For the new model the company has changed the sedan features with the sporty looks, overlooking the powertrain features. The 2016 model is an improved version as hinted by the Acura ILX review and a tie breaker between the previous model and its competitors. There has been a drop in the 2015 model, with the 2.0-litre base engine being changed to 2.4-litre 4 cylinder engine.The steering is much sharper with an 8-speed dual clutch gearbox, rendering super quick and easy shifts during high-performance driving.

Visually there is just a slight change in the Acura ILX specs, the jewel lights have been pushed in and there are some better connectivity operations. Stylistically it is an appropriate balance between fluid and smooth compact luxury car which swifts the roads easily. The 2016 Acura ILX review covers all the essential features which one needs to know before buying this sedan. The Acura ILX is one of the most fuel efficient premium sedans with an excellent combined economy of 29 mpg. This four-passenger sedan has a foot truck of 12.3 cubic meter capacity.


Acura ILX Specs
Acura ILX Steering

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Premium Unleaded I-4, 2.4-litre8-Speed Dual Clutch AT/MT201 hp180 ft-lbs
0-60 mphTop speedBody StyleMileage (Combined)
6.6 sec133 mph4-Door Sedan29 mpg


This new model bumps in the market with some optional packages. The first package of Acura ILX is priced at $29,000 and adds up a few safety features. Other option of Acura ILX is priced at $30,000 with enhanced interior features and the premium package is priced at $32,000 which aims at improving the exteriors.


Acura ILX Specs
Acura ILX Performance

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Under the hood the Acura has done a commendable replacement. The 2016 Acura ILX houses a premium 2.4-litre 16 valve DOHC, i-VTEC engine, which delivers a total power output of 201 hp at 6800 RPM and a net torque of 180 ft-lbs at 3600 RPM and is coupled with a front wheel drive train which is auto shift manual in functioning. Acura ILX review states that it has a fuel tank capacity of 13.2 gallons which is huge enough for a five-seater capacity vehicle. With these combined features this compact vehicle promises to offer a full economy of 29 MPG. It has a 4 wheel brake ABS system with front and rear discs. It has a rack-pinion type steering, which has a turning diameter of 36.8 ft curb to curb, thus adding one more item to its long amenity list. The aluminum wheels have a dimension of 17×7 inches for the front and rear sides. This model ensures a better road performance with powerful steering and rear suspension type. The sedan promises to offer a peaceful journey with exceptional ergonomics and Acura ILX specs.


Acura ILX Images
Acura ILX Exterior

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The exterior celebrates for the new performance with smooth edges and curved body, which combines sporty looks and sedan features. The entire structure of the car has some new details. The new model as per the 2016 Acura ILX review is well equipped with a rear view camera which efficiently gives a choice between three different images of area behind the car for better reverse engagement. In addition to these Acura ILX specs the high illuminance Jewel eye headlights are a standard for all the models. It has standard 17 inch alloy wheels with an overall length, width and height of 181.9 inches, 70.6 inches and 55.6 inches respectively. The aesthetic values of the sedan is further improved by the one-touch sunroof. The wheelbase dimension is 105.1 inches with a ground clearance of 5.3 inches that results in improved cabin space and performance.

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ILX Interior Image
Acura ILX Interior

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The interiors are more lavishing as compared to the exterior. The very sophisticated interiors are ergonomically designed to provide safety and comfort to the people. The driver’s seat has a 8-way seat adjustment system. It has dual heaters for all kinds of weather conditions and all the seats are carefully bolstered to keep the passengers secure during an uphill ride. Acura ILX review debates that it has a four passenger seating capacity with a generous door size and easy access. There is plenty of toe room for the passengers. The armrests fold down easily to turn into cup holders and the rear seats fold down to increase the cargo space. The trunk space is quite large of about 12.3 cubic feet.

There is an additional upper space in the trunk which is suitable for long items, which adds up to the Acura ILX long pro list. Other storage areas include the centre console with an additional power outlet as well as an auxiliary jack for portable music sources. The large glove box, centre cup holder and other bottle holders adds up to the overall storage capacity of the model. There are a few features that aim at enhancing the passenger’s comfort. These include automatic climate control system, which allows the driver and passenger to adjust the airflow settings, a solar sensor to measure the sun’s intensity, multi use display touchscreen which controls both audio and climate features and the voice recognition features.


2016 ILX Features
Acura ILX Features

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The new model is upgraded with a new base engine and better transmission as per the Acura ILX review. The 2016 ILX model comes with a push button start, siri phone integration, multi view camera, sunroof, display screen, climate control system, USB port, speaker system and bluetooth features. There are a few optional features too such as voice recognition, touch screen display, navigation features, lane assist, surround sound audio system and radio systems. These all features gel well with the edgy looks of the car.


Acura ILX Features
2016 ILX

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The Honda roots prove to be a strong foundation for the new ILX model when it comes to the safety and reliability features of the car. As compared to other luxury cars, the 2016 Acura price is justified with the range of reliability features, which increases the score of Acura ILX. The safety features include seat belts, airbags and child safety features i.e. the LATCH system. Apart from these the braking system has electronic brake distribution and assisting system, which monitors the speed for quick braking. The vehicle stability assist feature uses sensors to reduce the dangers of understeering or oversteering. Then there is a collision mitigation system for braking, which is powered by a front camera and radar transmitters. It has self braking capacity if the driver does not take any action beyond the danger zones. With this there are mitigations systems, lane assist systems and other cruise control options available which are surplus Acura ILX specs. The standard security features and pressure monitoring systems remain constant for all the models.


Audi A4 Image
Audi A4

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Out of all the reasons of buying a luxury sedan car, the all new Acura ILX has all the desired features, which justify Acura ILX price. The sporty looks, plush interiors and enough trunk space all combine well to create an exquisite model. It has high reliability and safety score, more cargo space, enhanced passenger comfort. All these features combine together to offer a luxury car at an affordable rate. The closest competitor is the Audi A4, which has all the above reliability features except the affordability. It comes at a slightly higher rate but ILX offers slightly higher luxury experience.


Acura ILX Review
2016 ILX Front

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Considering the Acura ILX price, the sedan has all the required features that makes it a competitive model in the segment. The ones who wish to have a sporty ride wrapped with luxury, Acura ILX review is your guide to decide.