Renault Kwid 1.0 vs Maruti Alto K10 vs Hyundai Eon 1.0 Comparison


Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon

Renault Kwid 1.0L, the compact hatchback from the French carmaker was launched recently on 22nd August 2016 at the base price of Rs. 3.83 lakh. This makes it compete directly with other two established players in the market – Maruti Alto K10 1.0 and Hyundai Eon 1.0. The oldest player, Maruti K10, was the best seller in this segment but the entry of Hyundai Eon challenged the king with a tempting package of refinement, practicality and modern styling. Eon’s thunder was quickly stolen by Renault Kwid, launched in September 2015, that offered tall SUV-like looks and features to match. With the recent launch of Kwid 1.0 version, the battle indeed gets fiercer. Here is a detailed take on Kwid 1.0 vs Alto K10 vs Eon 1.0:

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon Specification Comparison

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon

All the three cars sport 1.0-litre petrol engine and there is not much difference between their torque and power outputs. Kwid being lighter than Eon and K10, offers better power to weight ratio of 97 bhp per tonne. Contrary to the other two, Alto K10 comes with an automatic transmission option. The automatic version of Kwid 1.0-litre is anticipated later this year.

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon Exterior Comparison

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon

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Coming to the design, Kwid , with its tall-boy stance and tough looks, has an imposing presence over the other two rivals. The SUV characteristics possessed by this hatch make it bold and stylish. The sporty decals and some stylish touches like the silver shroud for the ORVMs make it very attractive.

Maruti K10 is blessed with a simplistic and conventional design that pleases most buyers. It has its own share of niceties like well designed swept back headlamps, large chunky tail light cluster, chrome garnish on the hatch, 4-bolt wheel, etc.

Talking of the Eon, it sports a funky and attractive look following the fluidic design philosophy of the company. Some of the likeable features of its design include swept back headlamps, distinctive front grille and elongated tail lamps.

Crux – On the whole, Kwid comes across as a more well put together car with its aggressive styling and finer details. Eon comes a close second.

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon Interior Comparison

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon

The real test of any compact hatchback is in terms of the features and the space that it offers on the inside. Renault Kwid 1.0, with its larger wheelbase, wins on the space front. It offers ample headroom and legroom at the rear. It can accommodate five persons with utmost ease. Not only this, Kwid also boasts of the best in class boot space of 300 litres.

The interiors of Kwid are tastefully done up and sport first-in-class features like touch screen entertainment system with navigation and an all-digital instrument cluster. It also offers driver side airbag as an optional feature. Eon is blessed with features like 2-din audio system with USB connectivity, and internally adjustable mirrors. All the three cars come equipped with features like air conditioner, power windows, power steering, remote central locking, etc.

Both Alto K10 and Eon get dual tone interior while Kwid gets black coloured cabin. While Eon and K10 sport a funky and angular dashboard that of Kwid is quite simplistic.

Alto K10 1.0-litre offers far batter interiors than its 800cc sibling. However, overall fit and finish and the plastic quality of both Kwid and Eon is better than that of Alto K10. The car is short on space and three passengers at the rear would not be able to sit with total comfort.

Crux – Alto K10 lags behind in ergonomics and interior space when compared to Kwid and Eon. Among Kwid and Eon, Kwid is better in terms of interior space and features.

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon Dimension Comparison

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon

When it comes to size, Kwid leads the pack. It offers a larger wheelbase of 2422 mm and is also longer and wider than the other two. It also boasts of class-leading ground clearance of 180mm and also the largest boot space of 300 litres. Hyundai is at second place with wheelbase of 2380 mm and boot space of 215 litres while Alto K10 is not too generously sized with 2360 mm wheelbase and just 177 litres of trunk space.

Crux – Kwid has a clear advantage in terms of dimensions, boot space and ground clearance, followed by Eon and Alto K10.

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon Powertrain Comparison

Renault Kwid gets going with the new 1000cc, three cylinder petrol engine that produces 67 bhp of power and 91 Nm of torque. The transmission continues to be 5-speed manual, also sported by the 800cc version. Alto K10 mates a 998cc petrol engine with a 5-speed manual gearbox or an automatic gearbox. It develops 67 bhp of power and 90 Nm of torque. The power and torque figures of both K10 and Kwid are almost similar. Eon puts in a slightly better performance with its 1.0-litre Kappa petrol engine churning out 68 bhp of power and a higher 94 Nm of torque.

While the power battle is won by Eon, Maruti Alto K10 wins on the mileage front by delivering a handsome 24.07 kmpl of fuel efficiency. The mileage of Kwid and Eon stands at 23.01 kmpl and 20.3 kmpl respectively.

Crux – The engine of all these three cars is more or less the same. Eon, with a higher 94 Nm of torque, can be said to be the better of the three on the engine front while Alto K10 with its automatic transmission and its decent mileage outsmarts the other two.

Performance & Handling Comparison

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon

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Emitting a marginally higher power output at 68 bhp and slightly higher torque at 90 Nm when compared to its rivals, Eon looks like a better performer on paper. But Alto K10 defeats both Eon and Kwid when it comes to drivability. It is smoother and more fun to drive.

In ride and handling department it is Kwid that impresses with its nimble performance and tackling of rough roads. The steering of Kwid is well weighted and precise. It is more relaxed on highways than inside the city. It fulfils just basic urban driving needs. On the contrary, Eon and K10 performs better in urban conditions as they have a stiffer steering that helps in maintaining high speed stability.

Eon takes just 13.28 seconds to jump from 0 to 100 kmph of speed. It has a top speed of 150 kmph. Maruti Alto K10 has a top speed of 140kmph and does the 0-100 kmph sprint in 13.3 seconds. Kwid takes a longer time of 13.8 seconds to touch 100 kmph from scratch and has a top speed of 150 kmph, just similar to that of Eon.

Crux – In the ride and Handling department, Eon is stronger than the other two. It is also a lot quieter. Alto K10, on the other hand, is a pretty quick car and its automatic version is a breeze to drive. Kwid, unfortunately, lags behind its rivals in the performance and handling department.

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon Price Comparison

Kwid 1.0-litre is being offered in two variants- RxT and RxT(O) (with driver side airbag). Both these trims are priced at Rs. 3.83 lakh and Rs. 3.95 lakh respectively. Eon 1.0 falls in the price bracket of Rs. 4.41 – 4.51 lakh and it is more steeply priced that the other two.

Alto K10 1.0 is priced moderately between Rs. 3.25 lakh to Rs. 3.78 lakh and significantly undercuts the pirce of both Kwid and Eon. For the budget conscious buyer, Maruti Alto K10 would be an ideal choice.

Renault Kwid 1L vs Alto K10 vs Eon Verdict

Kwid may seem a better option among all these 1.0 litre entry level hatchbacks with its larger dimensions, refined cabin and edgier features but Eon gives a tough fight to both K10 and Kwid on the performance front. Maruti may lose out on a few aspects like styling and cabin space but it wins hands down on the mileage front. Maruti’s brand image and strong dealership network work in its favour too. All sympathies with the buyers as Kwid 1.0 vs Eon 1.0 vs Alto K10 is going to be close battle and it would be really tough for them to decide between these three entry-level hatches.