Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport : Who takes the crown for the best compact crossover


Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport

With crossovers becoming a rage in India, almost all car manufacturers are keen to cash in on this segment. Honda Motors is about to launch WR-V that is going to be a sub four-meter compact crossover. It will give a fight to Ford EcoSport which is the reigning king of the segment. Launched around an year ago, Maruti Vitara Brezza has quickly climbed up the sales charts and has become a solid player in this battlefield. All these three cars look sporty, offer good drivability, pack in a number of features and offer practical and aesthetically rich interiors. Let us look at this detailed Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport comparison to see which of the three is likely to have a longer run.

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Spec Comparison

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport

Both Honda WR-V and Ford EcoSport are available in both petrol and diesel variants while Maruti Vitara Brezza comes in diesel avatar only. Ford Ecosport offers a choice between two petrol engines. Honda WR-V gets the distinction of having a 6-speed manual transmission while the other two which make do with 5-speed manual gearbox. The larger petrol engine of Ford EcoSport offers an automatic gearbox option too. Maruti is also working on the petrol variant of Vitara Brezza and it may come out pretty soon.

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Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Powertrain Comparison

The diesel mills of all the three cars offer almost similar power and torque figures. But Ford Ecosport is marginally ahead in this regard. Honda’s diesel engine is mighty but it is the noisiest one too. Comparing the petrol motors, of WR-V and EcoSport, The 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol powertrain of EcoSport delivers higher power and torque figures when compared to the 1.2-litre SOHC i-VTEC mill on Honda WR-V.

Crux – Among diesel engines, the one hosted by EcoSport is more powerful. In terms of petrol engine also it is EcoSport that is way ahead of WR-V.

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Mileage Comparison

Honda WR-V surprises by promising to return 25.5 kmpl off its diesel mill as against 24.3 kmpl of Brezza and 22.2 kmpl of EcoSport. But its petrol mill is not as efficient. It offers just 17.5 kmpl of fuel economy while that offered by Ford EcoSport is 18.8 kmpl.

Crux – Honda WR-V and Ford Ecosport take the prize for offering most fuel efficient diesel and petrol engines respectively.

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Dimension Comparison

WRV vs Vitara Brezza vs EcoSport

All these three cars fall in the sub four-meter category. Vitara Brezza is the shortest one having a length of 3995 mm while the other two measure 3999mm. Honda WR-V boasts of the largest wheelbase at 2555 mm followed by EcoSport at 2520 mm and then by Brezza at 2500 mm. But despite its shorter wheelbase, Vitara Brezza is the widest of the three cars with a width of 1790 mm. Standing tallest of the three is Ford EcoSport at 1708 mm. It also gets the highest ground clearance of 200 mm.

Crux – Honda WR-V lags behind in terms of width, height and ground clearance when compared to the other two. Vitara Brezza offers more rear space to the passengers, being the widest. Ford EcoSport is the tallest one here and also carries the maximum ground clearance.

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Exterior Comparison

Honda WR-V sports the powerful design language of the company and looks quite aggressive having the largest wheelbase of the three. It is built on the Jazz Platform but looks premium and fresh. Maruti Vitara Brezza gets a contemporary look with elements like square wheel arches, high ground clearance and short overhangs. Ford EcoSport’s design is very well proportioned and it looks more like a SUV than the other two mainly due to the highest ground clearance of 200 mm. The spare wheel at the rear door adds masculinity to its overall look.

Crux – Maruti Vitara Brezaa comes across as a more good looking car than the other two.

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Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Interior Comparison

WRV vs Vitara Brezza vs EcoSport

All the three cars have spacious and airy cabins, practicality being the backbone. The cabin of Honda WR-V is stylish and flashy. Most of the design elements have been lifted straight from Jazz. It offers two colour theme choices. Following the ‘man maximum machine minimum’ philosophy, the car offers better knee room, leg room and tandem distance than its rivals.

Maruti Vitara Brezaa follows conventional styling which is decent and elegant. The colour theme of black looks classy and the fit and finish of materials is good. The company is offering a range of customization options as well. It also offers a good amount of space.

Talking of Ford EcoSport, the cabin is in “cockpit” style which gives a futuristic feel to it. It borrows heavily from Fiesta. It is nicely laid out and comfortable too. Going by the dimensions, Honda WR-V might look spacious on paper but it misses out on the “magic seat” feature found in its sibling Jazz. The biggest boot space of 363 litres is offered by WR-V.

Crux – Honda WR-V holds an edge over the other two when it comes to interior styling. Vitara Brezza is more comfortable at the rear.

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Features Comparison

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport comparison gets intense when it comes to features as all the three cars are packed to the brim with latest features. You get a touchscreen infotainment system, cruise control, LED DRLs, automatic climate control, Push Button Start/Stop on each of the cars. But WR-V takes a slight lead in this department by offering a sunroof. It is going to be the cheapest car in this segment to offer this feature. On the other hand, Vitara Brezza is the only car among the three to carry Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features.

Crux – Honda WR-V takes the lead here followed by Brezza and Ford EcoSport.

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Safety Comparison

The three cars compare closely on the safety parameter too. All of them offers basic safety features along with advanced ones like ABS and EBD, rear parking camera and sensors and airbags. While WR-V and Brezza come with dual airbags, Ford EcoSport offers as many as six airbags on select trims.

Crux – Ford EcoSport is the safest of the three cars.

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Performance Comparison

When it comes to performance, all the three cars promise to offer you an amazing driving experience.

Honda WR-V offers a smooth running petrol and diesel engines that do their job pretty well. The car hosts toughened suspension and it possesses good rough road ability. The steering has a light feel to it and the handling of the car is decent too.

Maruti Vitara Brezza offers a stable, secure and peaceful driving experience. The diesel mill is smooth and effortless and its NVH levels are well controlled. The suspension is firm and there is minimum body roll. The Steering offers a good feedback and the car feels well planted.

The EcoBoost engine of EcoSport offers a fantastic mid-range performance. It offers a relaxed highway cruising experience. The diesel mill too is practical within the city and offers excellent drivability. The 5-speed gearbox is slick to use. The suspension of the car is decidedly European and that makes it well planted at higher speeds. The higher ground clearance lets go all absurdities of the roads unnoticed.

Crux – With high ground clearance and powerful engines, it is Ford EcoSport who takes the cake in the performance department.

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Price Comparison

Pricing plays a crucial role in the final decision of any buyer. WR-V, Brezza and EcoSport fall in the same price bracket. Of the three, Ecosport comes with the lowest price tag for its base trim starting at Rs. 7.11 lakh. Interestingly, it also is the highest priced of the three when it comes to top level trim which is priced at Rs. 10.69 lakh. Maruti Vitara Brezza trumps WR-V by sporting a price tag between Rs. 7.26 lakh and Rs. 9.92 lakh although the difference is not much.

Crux – Maruti Vitara Brezza is the most modestly priced car of the three.

Honda WR-V vs Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Ford EcoSport Verdict

While Honda WR-V has the novelty factor combined with stylish looks, good mileage and features, still it looks like it will find it hard to match the already established Ford EcoSport and the strong going Maruti Vitara Brezza. Ford EcoSport with more powerful engines, automatic transmission, 6 airbags, and proper SUV looks steals the show by offering more value for money. Maruti Vitara Brezza also comes across as a better option than WR-V offering more stylish looks and the better overall package. Between EcoSport and Vitara Brezza, Brezza holds an edge for being smarter looking and for hosting a more beautiful cabin, among other things.