Comparo : Mahindra Bolero vs Mahindra Bolero Power Plus


Mahindra Bolero vs Mahindra Bolero Power Plus

The number one SUV in India, Mahindra Bolero, is now available in a facelifted version called the Mahindra Bolero Power Plus. This version has been shortened in length and sports a smaller engine that emits greater power. Mahindra will continue to sell both models of Bolero.

Since its launch in the year 2001, Bolero has been the bestseller for Mahindra Motors in India. The vehicle was last updated in 2012 and was given a sportier look as compared to earlier models. Once again the vehicle has been updated and its length has been kept under 4 meters to avail tax benefits. The excise duty rate of vehicle longer than 4 meters is 17.5% while that on sub 4 meter vehicles is just 12.5%. This propelled the carmaker to launch a shorter version of Bolero.

Here is a detailed Mahindra Bolero vs Mahindra Bolero Power Plus comparison:

Spec Comparison

Mahindra Bolero vs Mahindra Bolero Power Plus Engine Comparison

Bolero Power Plus will be offered in three variants namely SLE, SLX and ZLX while the regular Bolero is available in as many as twelve variants. The three out of the twelve trims get an update in the form of Mahindra Bolero Power Plus. The car is available in diesel version only and both the trims put up a respectable mileage.

Powertrain Comparison

Bolero Power Plus shares its engine with that of Mahindra TUV300 but it has been re-tuned to offer better power and efficiency. The new Bolero is smaller at 1.5-litres as compared to the 2.5-litre engine of regular Bolero but it offers a higher power output at 70 bhp, though the torque remains the same. Both the models get a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Crux – The power out of Bolero Power Plus is better than that of regular Bolero. So in engine terms, Bolero Power Plus is the clear winner.

Mileage Comparison

The new 1.5-litre oil burner used in Bolero Plus brings with it an improved mileage of 16.5kmpl which is a slight improvement over the 15.96 kmpl of fuel economy offered by the regular Bolero. The micro hybrid technology equipped in the top end trims of both these cars, makes Bolero fairly fuel efficient.

Crux – Bolero Power Plus offers a better mileage of the two.

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Dimension Comparison

Mahindra Bolero vs Mahindra Bolero Power Plus Dimension Comparison

The Bolero Power Plus model has been shortened by 22 mm and the length of this model now stands at 3995 mm compared to 4107 mm earlier. This has been done to attract small car tax benefits. The width, height and the wheelbase of both the models remain the same at 1745 mm, 1880 mm and 2680 mm respectively.

Crux – Bolero is longer than Bolero Power Plus though the wheelbase of both the vehicles is the same.

Exterior Comparison

Not many changes have been made to the Bolero Power Plus model and both the models look almost similar. In order to restrict the length to under 4 meters, the bumpers of the car have been shaved off but the exterior design features have been left untouched. The new Bolero gets similar headlamps and grille at the front, similar wheel arches and 15 inch steel wheels along with the same tail light cluster at the rear. Decals have been added to the sides of new Bolero to give it a sportier look and to distinguish it from the regular model.

While the old bolero came in a choice of six exterior colours namely – Fiery Black, Toreador Red, Mist Silver, Java Brown, Rocky Beige and Diamond White, Bolero Power Plus comes with just four colour options which are Java Brown, Diamond White, Mist Silver and Rocky Beige.

Crux – There is not much difference between the exterior design of both the models except the shortened bumpers.

Interior Comparison

Mahindra Bolero vs Mahindra Bolero Power Plus Feature Comparison

Bolero has been a reasonably sized SUV that offers a decent amount of space in the cabin. Despite the 22 mm reduction in length, Bolero Plus is as spacious from inside as the old model. Both offer a seating arrangement for seven and offer ample amount of space at the front as well as at the rear. Both the cars come loaded with basic features like power windows, micro hybrid system, digital display, air conditioning, power steering, voice messaging, audio system etc.

However, the new version has been equipped with USB and AUX connectivity features. The comfort factor on Bolero Power Plus gets an edge due to better bolstered seats.

Both Bolero Power Plus and Bolero come equipped with basic safety features like power windows and engine immobilizer but do not get airbags or ABS.

Crux – There isn’t much that sets Bolero Power Plus and old Bolero apart in terms of interior and cabin features.

Performance Comparison

Both Bolero and Bolero Power Plus get a ground clearance of 180 mm and the same suspension set up. The strong suspension has made the vehicle quite popular in the rural market. As claimed by the company, the new diesel engine installed in the Bolero Power Plus is peppier and makes it more fun to drive. The company also claims that the steering of Bolero Power Plus offers improved maneuverability.

Crux – Both the models tackle rough terrains with ease but the engine performance of Bolero Power Plus is one step ahead of regular Bolero and also the drivability is better.

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Mahindra Bolero vs Mahindra Bolero Power Plus Price Comparison

The smaller engine and lower excise duty has made Bolero Plus cheaper than the regular Bolero. The New Bolero Power Plus price starts at Rs. 6.87 lakh while that of regular Bolero started at Rs. 7.87 lakh. As noted earlier, that excise duty on cars measuring less than 4 meters in length and with lower diesel engine capacity is lesser. Mahindra Motors has happily passed on this benefit to the buyers. Bolero Power Plus is Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1 lakh cheaper than the regular model.

Crux – Bolero Power Plus comes at a cheaper price when compared to the regular Bolero.

Mahindra Bolero vs Mahindra Bolero Power Plus Verdict

Going by this analysis of Mahindra Bolero vs Mahindra Bolero Power Plus, it is quite evident that a more powerful engine, greater mileage and a tempting price tag make Bolero Power Plus a better option as compared to the regular Bolero. It definitely comes as a better value proposition.