Volkswagen Sales Surpasses Toyota


The global sales charts have been topped by Toyota from several years and it is very less often that any other manufacturer has taken the leading position across the globe. But, this time Toyota has been shifted down on this chart by none other than the world’s largest automobile group, Volkswagen. Volkswagen Sales have been significantly increased this year and for consecutive two quarters, has surpassed the Toyota’s sales. With this impressive jump in the sales charts, Toyota’s four year reign has been threatened. The major reasons behind this are the drastic decrease in the North American sales and production halt due to disaster damage.

Volkswagen Sales
VW Group

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Till June, the Volkswagen sales indicated a figure of 51.2 units while Toyota has managed to clock 49.9 lakh vehicles across the globe. At the third position sits the American auto conglomerate General Motors, which has sold 47.6 lakh units. Last year as well the company outperformed Toyota’s sales figures but then it faced the infamous Dieselgate scandal and then we all know what happened with the automaker. Despite suffering losses and competing against the situation, the VW group has managed to catch an impressive pace in improving its sales and looks like it will be able to continue its leading position till the end of this year.

Volkswagen Sales
Volkswagen Golf

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Talking about the Toyota’s sales downfall, the manufacturer has witnessed plant shutdowns due to earthquakes in Japan earlier this year. In addition to this, the sales of Prius has reduced to a great extent across the globe, especially in the US. Other than this, Toyota along with other manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Honda have faced severe issues due to faulty takata airbags, leading to various recalls.

Toyota's Sale
Toyota Fortuner

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Toyota has been ruling the sales chart since 2008 when it first dethroned General Motors decade long run at the leading position. Toyota’s leading position has been disrupted once in 2011 before current half yearly results due to major earthquake-tsunami disaster in Japan. But, the manufacturer stood up again the very next year and regained its leading position from the American rival.