Volkswagen Group To Focus On EVs & Autonomy By Killing More Than 40 Models


Volkswagen Group is trying everything possible to make up for the DieselGate scandal. The group has understood the key factor which will drive the automobile world and have shed curtains off from its strategy. According to German newspaper, Handelsblatt, VW group will halt the production of more than 40 models in order to focus more on EVs, ridesharing and autonomy. There is still ambiguity on the models whose production will be stopped. But, it is clear that the cuts might affect any brand under the VW group including Skoda, Audi and Seat.

Volkswagen Group Logo
Volkswagen Group

Image Credit: Marcarladiferencia

Few days back the Volkswagen Company’s CEO stated that the brand will produce 25 EVs by 2025 and has set a target of beyond 150 miles of range. As most of the automakers are focusing on future technology, VW has released its plans at just the right time. Audi is also gearing up to introduce its autonomous driving technology. But, it seems that the company will take atleast 10 years to come up with fully self driven cars. In the meantime, the brand’s traffic jam assist technology will play a crucial role in getting ahead in the competition.

Volkswagen EV Concept
Volkswagen EV Concept

Image Credit: Vidivodo

Audi has also invested a sum of $28 million into ridesharing outfit Silvercar, seems like Audi is copying Ford. Coming to the VW company, the brand showcased its first concept EV at the Consumer Electronic Show 2016. And with the recent announcement, it seems that VW group is planning to compete in an extensive manner. At the moment, the brand has not put lights on the types of concepts and the technology to be used. But, the officials have made clear that the group will invest heavily to shape the future of automobile industry.

VW Budd-e Concept
VW Budd-e Concept

Image Credit: Ecoinventos

Now it will be interesting to see the race of launching first fully autonomous car, as the Volkswagen Group has also joined the league.