Lexus India to Mark Its Presence in 2017


After taking a deep insight of India’s luxury market, the Japanese tycoon has finally decided to embark its presence in the country next year. Lexus India has confirmed its launch in the year 2017 with a limited model line-up to start with. Before this, the manufacturer had plans to enter the market in the year 2013, but the jump in custom duties of India forced to called off the plans. With Lexus India launch, the company is only looking to introduce its model line-up in the country for now and the company is not looking for setting up a production unit in India.

Lexus India
Lexus India, To Launch In 2017

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The growing importance of hybrid vehicles and the benefits associated with these vehicles have probe the company to introduce the above four-meters hybrids. Along with this, the FAME scheme provides a concession up to INR 1.38 lakh, which is quite an advantage for the company. Delhi has implied strict regulations against diesel vehicles, be it the banning of old diesel vehicles or the odd-even scheme, both have impacted the sales figures of the automakers. Such regulations are expected to be introduced in other cities and states as well, Haryana being the first one after Delhi and under such conditions, the company’s hybrid line-up might help to make a good hold over the sales charts.

Hybrid Cars
Lexus LX

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For now, the Lexus India has not confirmed on the list of models it will come up with but, a top-down strategy is what we expect, to begin with. The first one might be the full-size LX SUV and the entry level ES 300h hybrid sedan. The strategy of putting hybrid cars against the diesel ones is a smart step by the manufacturer as Hybrid cars are much more refined and efficient. The exclusive luxury features offered by Lexus would be the added cherry on the cake and will significantly attract the attention of the customers.