Infiniti Q50 To Be Recalled For Steering Malfunction


Nissan Motor’s luxury brand division has announced that it will recall roughly 60,000 Infiniti Q50 sedans due to an issue detected in the steering system. The major part of the recall has to be done in the USA and Canada, as 28,182 sedans will be from the US and 3,804 from Canada. Different manufacturers around the globe are working towards inculcating self-driving autonomous technology in their cars and as it is the next big thing in the automotive world; safety and other regulations are of utmost importance.

Q50 Recall
Infiniti Q50 Sedan

Image Credit: Infinitiusa

Infiniti Q50 is the first sedan from the brand’s arsenal, which is equipped with a direct adaptive steering system that helps the sedan in driving itself on highways under particular conditions. Stefean Wienman has hinted that due to a glitch in the software, the steering system can behave in an unexpected manner, leading to lack of steering responsiveness and change in the turning radius.

Infiniti Q50
Infiniti Q50 Side Profile

Image Credit: Infinitiusa

According to the officials of Nissan Motors, Infiniti will begin informing the customers about the recall in June and July and will take required steps to ease down the recall process, keeping safety as the brand’s priority in mind. The chief of Infiniti revealed that the company is planning to roll out the autonomous technology to more models but now after this glitch it seems that the brand has to postpone the plan till the issue gets resolved. The current system can help in running Infiniti Q50 at 60 kmph speed on highways. In order to improve the particular technology beyond highways, it will require improvement in the infrastructure and regulation, said Kruger.

This is not the first time when Infiniti has recalled its Q50 sedan, in 2014 the sedan was recalled due to the electric steering system that could be disabled at the freezing temperatures, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The current recall will also affect 6,894 cars in China, including Q50 that are imported as well the ones which are long-wheel base versions that are locally produced.