Hyundai Creta Expected to get a Price Hike of INR 15000


According to media sources, the South Korean automaker is planning to make a hike in its recently launched the so-called “Urban SUV”. Yes, we are talking about Hyundai Creta, which has gained a significant appreciation since its launch. Recently, the company introduced the new S+ Diesel AT variant and now the company is looking to hike prices of Creta. The particular price hike is to be made by September 2016, as most of the changes in the company’s pricing and operational plans take place in Quarter 3 every year.

Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Creta

Image Credit: Financialexpress

This particular price hike of Hyundai Creta has been personally communicated by the company to the official dealers so that the customers can be informed in a quicker manner. Not only the manufacturers are advised to communicate about the price hike of Creta, but have been also asked to take orders at the earliest to avoid any confusion at the time of price hike. There is no information about the reason behind this price hike. But, the growing demand and the love of people towards this new member in the crossover segment might have provoked the officials to take advantage of it.

Hyundai's Crossover
Creta Rear

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Hyundai Creta is a proficient car not only in terms of its styling and comfort aspects but, performance wise as well. The powerful engine, special 3 years warranty scheme and other aspects have boosted its sales in the country and this price hike may not hinder in the demand and love for the Hyundai’s Crossover. Currently, the Creta is offered in both petrol as well diesel options. The petrol variant is priced at INR 9.17 lakh to INR 12.87 lakh and the diesel range starts from INR 10 lakh and reaches to INR 14.51 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Let’s see how this price hike affects the sales performance of Creta and whether the competitors can take any advantage of it or not. For this, we need to wait for the Q3 results of the company.