Haryana Bans Old Diesel And Petrol Vehicles


After Delhi, following National Green Tribunal (NGT)’s ban on more than 15-year old diesel vehicles, Haryana government has also ordered a ban on 10-year old diesel and 15-year old petrol vehicles. These cars are not allowed to ply on the roads of National Capital Region (NCR) from Thursday. This order has been first implemented in the cities like Gurugram, Faridabad, Sonepat, and Jhajjar that are adjacent to the territory of the NCR region. The transport minister Krishan Lal Panwar said that, the following step has been taken in regards of the increasing pollution rate in the state.

Diesel Vehicles
Haryana Diesel Vehicles Ban

Image Credit: Carmudi

He further added, “I have issued the order and asked the concerned departments to take immediate action. We further want to curb the pollution problem in such a way that it does not hinder the National capital”. The particular move will further ensure that the 15-year old diesel vehicles will also be not given any NOC to be sold outside the NCR region. But, the NGT has also stated that NOCs will be issued for the vehicles which are 10 – 15 year old to be sold out apart from the NCR region.

Petrol Vehicles
15-Year Old Petrol Vehicles Ban

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It seems like the Government authorities have been on a spree to control the pollution rate in an effective manner. First, the government banned the registration of all 2.0-litre plus diesel cars in the NCR region. After this, the odd even rule further helped in improving the situation. At, last banning all the diesel vehicles in Delhi NCR region might come out to be an efficient step towards a better future. Not only Delhi government has taken some significant steps towards controlling the pollution rate in the state. The Kerala government has taken a more harsh step to control the pollution in the state. It is expected that some more state governments will soon join the Delhi government initiative and will ban diesel and petrol vehicles in their states as well according to the requirement.