Geely Revealed Lynk&Co 01 SUV


The sub-brand of Chinese automaker, Lynk&Co has revealed the first car of its fleet. Yes, Lynk&Co’s 01 SUV is out and it looks stunning. This is the first ever car from the Chinese automaker, Geely which will be sold in bulk in the European and North American markets. The design of 01 SUV has been headed by a team of designers and engineers based in Sweden and led by the former designer head of Volvo, Peter Horbury. With Lynk&Co, Geely will aim to stand against the likes of Honda, GM, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen in the US, Europe, and China.

Lynk&Co 01 SUV
Lynk&Co 01 SUV

Image Credit: Motortrend

Lynk&Co 01 SUV has been evolved while keeping in mind the design attributes liked by both, European and Chinese customers. The Chinese-owned, Volvo-backed company, Geely is looking to introduce 4 models by 2021 and the Lynk&Co 01 SUV will make its Chinese entry in 2017, followed by in European and US markets in 2018. Rumours also suggest that company is also planning a high-end performance car to rival Subaru WRX. The Lynk&Co 01 SUV has been built on highly flexible CMA hardware developed by CEVT, a special company formed by Geely for creating platforms and technologies for its automotive brands. The same CMA architecture will be also featuring in the forthcoming Volvo XC40.

Lynk&Co 01 SUV
01 SUV Interior

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The six-headlights unit, bridged by wide, slatted horizontal grill, and a pair of fog lights round the corner of the front bumper gives 01 SUV a distinct appeal. Inside, it boasts state-of-the-art design language with premium quality materials and driver oriented dashboard. A large touchscreen, act as an infotainment unit and the instrument cluster is also digital with the flexibility of selecting the required information about the car to be displayed. The automatic transmission’s gear selector uses an electro-mechanical system, which eliminates the need of handbrake by the electronic parking brake.

Lynk&Co 01 SUV
01 SUV Platform

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Engine configuration will include transverse-mounted 1.5-litre 3-cylinder and 2.0-litre 4-cylinder units, developed by Volvo. These engines will be further mated to manual or dual-clutch automated transmission with front or all-wheel drive options. Even a plug-in hybrid version is in the development stage and will be introduced later. Let’s see how Lynk&Co 01 SUV manages to find a significant market share in the most competitive marketplaces of the automobile industry. As many brands are finding India as a prospective marketplace, this Chinese brand might want to expand its market share in our country as well. But, the weakening relations of Indo-China might act as a hindrance to this.