Ford Mustang Production Halted Due To Low Demand


There is a bad news for the muscle car lovers, as Ford Mustang production has been stopped for a while due to low demand of the car. For the first time in 23 months, the key rival, Chevrolet Camaro has outperformed the Ford Mustang in terms of sales. Chevrolet Camaro has sales count of 6,557 units in September 2016 while Ford Mustang sales were restricted to 6,429 units. It is not that the production of Chevrolet Camaro has been increased or the Ford Mustang production has been reduced, it is the decline in demand of Mustang by 32%, as compared to sales registered in Sep 2015.

Ford Mustang Production
Ford Mustang

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Even the YTD sales of Ford Mustang have been reduced by 9.32% and due to this the Ford Mustang production has been stopped and shut down the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan for a week. The plant was shutdown on October 10 and according to officials, it will resume again from October 17. Chevrolet has been offering a lot of significant incentives with Camaro and due to this, the sales has been improved to a significant extent. The particular incentives are also offered to clear the stock before the arrival of the 2017 model.

Ford Mustang
Sales Comparison Of Mustang & Camaro

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Two new versions of Camaro with V6 and V8 engines are lined up to be introduced soon and with this, there might be chances that Ford Mustang will have a hard time. According to the company, the new Camaro will also feature a new design and updated interiors and the prices are to start from $25, 905. Even in India, after the first lot of Ford Mustang was sold quickly, the sales of Mustang has seen a slight downfall. But, as the production is not halted for long, the requirements will be soon met by the company and let’s see how the new Camaro will change things for the Ford Mustang.