Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta Revealed

Last Updated On: July 7, 2016

After much anticipation, the another marvelous creation from the Italian manufacturer is finally out. The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is one such car which is the dream of any car enthusiast. The LaFerrari will be officially showcased at the Paris Auto Show in this October. But, the images revealed have already turned the internet crazy about the hypercar. To make things better, the manufacturer will give a choice between foldable fabric unit and a removable carbon fibre roof. Extensive use of carbon, open top, and sharp aerodynamics all together makes this hypercar all the more from Ferrari family.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta
Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Image Credit: Wired

The strength of the car can be seen from the impressive figures that its naturally aspirated V12 engine showcase. With a maximum power output of 963 PS, the Ferrari’s hypercar is capable enough to give you goosebumps. This massive power figure is a combined result of electric motor and V12 engine. The coupe clocks 100 kmph mark under 3 seconds and the same is expected from LaFerrari Aperta. The chassis has been revamped to make it as solid as its coupe brethren. The massive changes in the chassis has been also done to maintain the torsional rigidity and beam stiffness just like the coupe version. To maintain the same drag coefficient as that with roof, the aerodynamics have been improved to a great extent.

Ferrari Hypercar
Ferrari Hypercar

Image Credit: Autospies

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For now, the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta will be available in 499 units but it is estimated that around 150-200 units will be the open-top model. Ferrari will reveal more information about Aperta in the upcoming Paris Auto Show with its official debut. The exact production number and the markets the car will be offered will be also discussed in the auto show. Let’s see how auto enthusiast will react upon its launch but, it is sure that whatever number the car will produce it will be sold out completely.


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