Delhi Diesel Vehicles Ban Affected 50k Vehicles


This Tuesday people of Delhi witnessed a very important decision made by the National Green Tribunal (NGT). The NGT has ordered a ban on diesel vehicles whose registration is more than 10 years old. According to a report, it is expected that almost 50,000 vehicles will be off the road due to this decision. Most of the vehicles will be from Commercial vehicle segment and according to Times Of India, Gurugram alone has around 30,000 vehicles, powered by diesel.

Diesel Vehicles
Diesel Vehicles Ban

Image Credit: Indianexpress

Another 21,000 vehicles are expected in Noida and Ghaziabad. After these orders from NGT, the officials are in the process of preparing the list of diesel vehicles which are not in the criteria to ply on roads. The officials will start their own inspection and will fine the ones who are violating the orders. The particular order is taken in order to take a significant step against increasing pollution rate in Delhi. Before this, NGT banned the registration of all the new above 2000cc diesel vehicles in the Delhi NCR region and now this step will further help in fighting the pollution problems of Delhiites. The registration ban was initially called for six months but, now the NGT is thinking to extend this for 11 months. Further, the NGT has planned to extend the ban on diesel vehicles in 11 more cities to fight against the alarming situation of pollution in different cities.

Diesel Vehicles
Ban on Diesel Vehicles

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But, this step of NGT has created a sort of problem for the diesel vehicle owners as they were not informed prior about this ban. The commercial vehicles are hit badly with this decision as almost 60% vehicles are forced off the roads.

Let us know whether this decision of NGT is appropriate or not. What else according to you can government do to reduce the pollution level in the national Capital.