Bugatti Sedan : Will Phantom Face A New Rival?


The French automaker has surprised the automobile world several times with its latest innovations and now the manufacturer is working on the next step. In order to give speed and luxury an entirely new definition the French automaker may soon come up with Bugatti Sedan. As inferred from the images released by the automaker, the Bugatti 4-door sedan surely possess an out-of-the-box styling. According to the CEO, Wolfgfang Durheimer, the company has been working on a new model line-up in order to grow surplus capital to sustain as an individual entity.

Bugatti Sedan
Bugatti 4-Door Hyper Sedan

Image Credit: Carscoops

Due to the infamous Dieselgate scandal, the VW group has faced nearly 18 billion losses due to several fines imposed in the US states and other recalls across the globe. Bugatti comes under the cluster of 12 companies under VW group and looking at the troubles going on with the parent company, Bugatti is looking to establish itself as an independent manufacturer. In order to come up with a new model line-up, Durheimer is assessing Bugatti Sedan and other models in the premium luxury segment.

Bugatti Galibier
Bugatti Galibier Interior

Image Credit: Carscoops

Before this the company showcased 16C Galibier concept at a closed event held in France. The concept was equipped with an 8.0-litre twin supercharged W16 engine, probably the segment leader if comes to the production phase. As, the manufacturer has already worked on the concept, it is likely that the manufacturer will take the next step and will put the Galibier in the production mode to come up with Rolls Royce Phantom rival. Rolls Royce is not the only competitor which Bugatti has to compete, Bentley is another prominent name which will give a hard time to the Bugatti 4-door premium hyper sedan.

Bugatti Sedan
Bugatti Sedan Side Profile

Image Credit: Driverabia

But, when this Bugatti Sedan will make its presence, one thing is sure and that is nerve-wracking performance, which is synonymous to the company.