Audi Q2 Production Begins In Ingolstadt


After the introduction of the all-new Audi Q2, finally the production has been started in Ingolstadt. The new Audi crossover made its appearance in 2016 Geneva Motor Show. It is the 13th model series of the company which will be produced on the A3 line. Same body shop, paint shop and assembly line is used as that of Audi A3. For doing this, the manufacturer has done extensive modifications as well as new logistics planning.

All-new Audi Q2
Audi Q2

Image Credit: Autowereld

Every time a new model is put into production line a new challenge arises, said Albert Mayer, plant director in Ingolstadt. Further he added, “We are proud on building the new Audi Q2 – the entry model for the Q-line-up for the world market. The plant is producing the new Q2 at a significant pace, and around 450 units are produced in a day. In addition, at the Ingolstadt plant, the manufacturer is trying to achieve excellence in reducing the complexity of production. To enhance the storage capacity, a new automatic module store for the drivetrain is installed on the assembly line.

Audi Q2
Audi Q2 In Plant

Image Credit: Gloswielkopolski

With the new Q2, Audi will continue the legacy of its Q-family and will give competition to the existing competitors. Audi Q2 will be offered in six different engine options: 3 TFSI and 3 TDI, delivering power between 116hp and 190 hp. The largest production facility of Audi, and the second largest car plant in Europe, produces almost 2500 vehicle in a day. For now the new Audi crossover can be ordered from Ingolstadt, delivery starting soon.

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New Audi Crossover
Ingolstadt Production Line

Image Credit: Germancarforum

For the US market, there is no clear date given by the company but it is sure that the market will be on top priority for the company. Let’s see how the new Audi Q2 performs once it is on road in the real conditions.