Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer


It’s true many of us love the summers but let’s not allow the scorching heat to become too dangerous for our cars and vehicles. On a scorching summer day, as we return to our car in the parking area and open the door, a burst of hot air welcomes us. It gives us the feeling as if we are about to melt. We just hope to beat the heat by quickly getting inside the car and switching on the air conditioner. Depending on the humidity and temperature outside the car, the temperature inside the vehicle can rise to 20-30 degrees warmer on an average basis than that of the outside. The interior of the vehicle traps the hot air and the tightly sealed condition of the car continues to heat it up. But we can definitely beat the heat and keep our car cool this summer by following some simple steps.

Tips To Keep Your Car Cool
Tips To Keep Your Car Cool

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Follow these Steps to keep your Car cool this Summer

1. Turn around your Car

It is true that parking the car in a shade is not always possible but one can always turn around the car and park it so that most of the sunlight goes at the back of the car. This keeps the direct sunlight and scorching heat away from the seats and steering.

2. Parking in the Shade

You should always try to park your car in a shade or a car garage during the warmest hours of the day.

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3. Moving the Car throughout the Day

Being Cool In The Car
Being Cool In The Car

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If one has a job which requires travel throughout the day, then the individual should ensure that the AC in the car keeps running and when in a halt, it should be parked in a shade, so that it can keep the car cool.

4. Covering Up the Windows

One can either invest for shading the car windows with a cover or can even make them out from the old cardboard boxes. This will help to block the sun rays and the heat so that the car’s interior can be kept cooler.

5. Put some Wet Beach Towels

Putting wet beach towels over the seat can be a great idea as it will not only absorb the heat inside the vehicle but will also dry up the towels!!

6. Arrange for an Air Ventilation

You can arrange for some air ventilation inside the car as it will help to keep the car cool. One can do the same by leaving a small gap between two windows to ensure the circulation. If the car is having a sunroof you can also tilt it a bit to foster air circulation. Please ensure that you do not leave them wide open.

7. Invest in a Cooling Seat Cover

There are a variety of seat covers available in the market that are infused with gels or crystals. These can be a great option for leather seats as they form a blockade of cooling gel between the hot leather and you.

8. Invest on Window Tinting

Keeping Car Interior Cool
Keeping Car Interior Cool

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Tinting your car is a great way to keep the interiors cooler. One can hire someone to do the job or can do it themselves. But before doing the same, one should have a sound knowledge of the state laws which may make it mandatory to use a definite shade of tint in the cars.

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9. Invest on Remote Start

For cooling down the car faster, one can enable the re-circulate feature of its car. Another great option is to invest on the remote start. This will allow the user to start the car with a push of a button before entering into it. Before one gets inside the hot beast, the cool Ac will be actually blasting off. One can also shop the same online so that it fits your budget.

Keeping the car cool provides the benefit of both comfort and condition. Besides, it also helps in saving lives. Any child or pet should never be left behind in an overheated car. Young children can suffer from heat stroke only in a few minutes. Every year, almost 27 people die from being trapped in a hot car.