Why You Should Prefer Hand Car Wash instead of Automatic Car Wash


Hand car wash is the best way to keep your car well maintained and clean at all times. A car is a valuable possession and hence, must be kept neat and tidy always. More often than not, we do tend to neglect the cleanliness factor when possessing a car. But all said and done, a clean car is every owner’s pride. Today, we will present a few advantages of hand car washing as against automatic car washing. These will help you decide which of the options is a better one.

What is hand car wash?

A hand car wash, as the name suggests, allows you to wash your car all by yourself. Its a manually done washing wherein no machine or equipment is used. Normally, you need a water filled bucket, a car wash detergent, a sponge and some towels for drying. Also, one can do a bit of waxing after washing has been done with. Waxing helps to add shine to your car’s exterior.

 Car Washing
A good hand car wash done with car wash solution and sponge

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Car Washing
Car hand wash procedure going on in a garage

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What is automatic car wash?

An automatic car wash is a machine operated washing process wherein you just need to get your car under the equipment, and you are done. There are many car wash centers that do an auto clean up of your car. Its a good option for such owners that are hard pressed for time. These are less time consuming and are quite convenient for car owners.

Automatic Car Wash
Automatic car wash machine

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Automatic Car Wash
A car getting washed by a machine

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Benefits of hand car washing

1. The number one benefit that you get out of cleaning your car by hands is the money you save. Usually, it would cost you anywhere from $4 to $5 per automatic wash whereas a hand wash process involves no such expenditure.

The Hand Car Wash
Hand car washing is economical

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Car Washing
Hand car wash saves you lot of money

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2. The hand car wash process is not just a routine task to clean up your car. Rather, you can regard it as a fun activity. Its a teaching experience, say many who hand wash their cars since it allows them to interact with their kids. Many car owners that do the cleaning by themselves often vouch for the fact that it offers them a pleasurable time with their children and family.

The Hand Car Wash
Hand car wash can be a learning experience for kids

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3. While washing your car, you automatically end up finding faults and any problems that might have gone overlooked had you opted for an auto clean up. This is one big advantage when hand washing your car.

Car Washing
Hand car wash allows for physical inspection of the car

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4. Another advantage of cleaning your car yourself is that you get to intermingle with your peers. When you take the bucket of water and soap to clean your car outside, you eventually end up interacting with your neighbors.

Car Washing
Students enjoying a session of hand car wash

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Disadvantages of automatic car wash

Next, you will find about a few problems that are usually associated with an automatic car wash.

1. Inability of automatic car wash to completely clean your car. Contrary to hand car wash, auto washing your car hardly helps in total cleaning.

Automatic Car Wash
A car getting auto cleaned by a machine

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2. While hand car wash may cost you nothing, or a very paltry amount, an auto car clean up can loosen your pockets by a few hundred dollars if you calculate your expenses on a monthly basis.

3. Auto car washing can cause damage to your car’s exterior. The brush in most machines is not properly cleaned and this causes minor swirls on the body of a car.

Automatic Car Wash
Automatic car washes cause microscopic scratches on paint

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Which one of the two is a better alternative?

To conclude, we would say that hand washing your car is the best option when you have sufficient time on your hands. For busy people, auto clean up is helpful as it requires just 15 to 20 minutes, whereas, a hand washing session can last upto one hour. As a middle of the path solution, try both these options together to see which method suits you best.

Weigh the pros and cons before you choose any one of these options. Hand car wash is any day better if you are fixated upon getting a totally grime free car.